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Version 2 of my Job System Sphere Grid Mod!
Includes Seymour Guado as a Party Member, new Jobs / Dressphere, new Weapons & Armor
and a lot of new abilites!

Permissions and credits

(with new jobs & new gameplay experience)

This new linear(*) Sphere Grid offers a classic job system, focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

After you have learned & mastered your job (for example Witch) you can use your teleport spheres 
in your inventory to learn a new one.
(just teleport / warp to the new start point of the job of your choice)

You can mix every character with every job
and also combine jobs to create efficent combos! 
(you can find the default party members below)

linear means that there is only one way to go (start point -> end point!)
on your new sphere grid for every job! 
(other ways are blocked with a Lv. 4 sphere stop!)

Each job has its own selection of abilites and more focus is placed on stat points.
That means that the luck stats and other values are more costumized.
You can also find some luck spheres in your inventory to raise your luck stat early on.

【Seymour Guado
】 has his own battle menu and a different level system!
 (More information down below!)

The Witch【default: Lulu】 focuses on drain abilities 
and casts evil magic like Death and Demi.

It has also access to non elemental magic.

Witches are immune to the most status effects.
It has high magic, but low defence stats.

Attacks can cause 【Death】.

The Songstress【default: Wakka】 relies on
the character's  dancing and singing skills
to inflict status ailments on enemies
or to support her group.
It has high magic and different scalings.

The Guado Guardian 【default: Rikku】 follows the original
Seymour - Guado Guardian strategy & protects his Maester
to the death. 

Guado Guardian focuses on supporting Seymour with 
Auto Potion & Guard, and later on with other useful

If 【Rikku】's  Overdrive is at 100%, instead of using
Mix ,her energy must be used for some of
Seymour's abilites. 

The Psychic 【default: Auron】 utilizes mental energy
and the laws of physics to engage in combat.

It is immune to elemental magic & physical damage
is not that effective against it.

Psychic has high Strength and Magic but very low
Magic Def.

The Samurai 【default: Yuna】 has high strength and
is useful against high def. enemies. He has a high chance
of crit (+30%) and learns some White Magic Abilities to
support the party.

Samurai has high Strength, Agility and Evasion and is
able to counter attack everything.

The Holy Knight 【default: Tidus】 wears heavy armor
and can tank massive damage thanks to its high HP.

The opposite of the Dark Knight focuses on support
abilities and White Magic.

Holy Knight has high HP, def. & Magic, but low Magic def.!

Attacks can cause 【Zombie】.
It deals additional damage on 【Zombie】targets!

The Beastmaster 【default: Kimahri】 focuses on using
his overdrive as much as possible.

It has High HP, Magic and Magic Def.

Thanks to its equipment filling your overdrive is pretty 
easy and it scales now better with your stats.
You can still learn new overdrives!

The Maester【Seymour Guado】  is the  Minister of Temple Affairs,
which maintains the temples' rituals  and teachings and oversees
the summoners.

This position allows one the authority to handle records of the sealed histories.
Seymour is a skilled mage and a summoner himself.

Seymour has his own battle menu!
Under 【Use】and 【Items】 you'll be able to find more abilities (like Summon)
besides his Black & White Magic.

For some of his new abilites he needs Guado Guardian's (Rikku) Overdrive 
at 100%.

Since he isn't costumizable via menu, you can find all his weapons & armor
in the battle equip menu. 

Seymour Guado will gain power depending on which equipment you'll choose.
If you don't want to be overpowered, use equipment which fits your actual gameplay.
I additionally added Weapons and Armor with 4 free Slots, so you can build your own
endgame equipment!

Additionally his skills have a high cost:
Save Points won't refresh him! 
You need to do that with items or abilites.

【Until my next mod, in which he will be playable, this is a
comfortable solution to test everything!】

Version 1:
Because of Seymour Guado, your Start Point are the
Calm Lands!
(that is mainly because of events that happen before.)

If he's tested and completely bugfree, I can add him
to party in my new mod earlier in the game.

Version 2:
I've managed to edit your start point, so you can start
at Kilika, right after the sending scene!

If Seymour, Anima or any party member disappears 
because of an event or an ingame script, you have to
use the Farplane Editor, to get it back in.

I've modded your game save, so it is possible to use this
function. (which wouldn't work well if it's not modded)

Anima stays in your party and fights with party members
as long as you don't change her out in battle.
She can also be costumized via menu.

DON'T auto organize your items!
You'll find strange items in
your menu!
(they are related with Seymour's
Abilities & Spells)

To install this mod, simply choose which version you want
then download the save file and
put it in your save folder.

(It will overwrite Slot 11 so pls be careful!)

Thank you to everyone who downloaded my mod and
gave it a try! 
Please share your screenshots with me! :)


v5-x3 2019-04-15 , Alternate Version Patch! Fixed stat points to make the game even more challenging. You can also use the Farplane Editor if needed!
v4-v3 2019-04-12 , Alternate Version Update, more features, new equipment for Seymour and unique armor abilites
v3-v3 2019-04-02 , Alternate Version out: Seymour got 2 new working spells; start point Kilika.
v2-v3 2019-03-27 , updated the spells and abilites which caused a freeze. (dispel all). added new one.
v2-v2 2019-03-26 , changed layout, fixed a bug: the game crashed because of Kimahris weapon
v2-v1 2019-03-25 , created mod