Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

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Kilbanne - AKA Filipe Kross

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Embrace the darkness!
FF characters' outfits are always too colorful!

This is the SECOND set of a total of 8 Ghotic outfits made for a less colorful character scenario, i'll release one for each one of the characters.

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Every since the beginning, FF characters' clothes are always too colorful for my taste and the main male protagonist is almost always using some colorful bare-chested ugly outfit, so i'm making a set of black and white outfits for my party members.

Well, the next to embrace the darkness will be Tidus.

I've changed completely all clothing textures for both gameplay and cutscene models, 4k quality.

i've changed all the yellow and brown leather for some heavy black one and changed all colorful fabric he has for some gray colored ones.
There's also a massive rework on his skin, so it looks much more vivid.

I've also made several changes, like adding a layer of Chainmail armor instead of his arms/ legs skin textures, because i hate his caribbean tan.
I'm also playing with the Illumination stripes a lot on him, especially on leather surfaces.

[ Installation ]

  • Grab Untitled Project X first ->
  • Follow his install guide
  • Now about this mod, go to FILES and choose what outfit you like the most and download it
  • Unrar the downloaded file to Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY FFX&FFX-2 HD
    Remaster\UnX_Res\inject\textures\UnX_Old (must be this location)
  • Make sure you play with high texture settings (Esc and go to the video menu). Otherwise this one and lots of other texture mods won't work at all.
  • Play the Game


I'm quite new in retexturing stuff, i'm no pro in photoshop and i've originally done these outfits only for personal use, i've decided to share now with you but keep in mind that i'm no professional. You can also see some recolor flaws in the textures, like my cut marks but those flaws aren't visible in the gameplay whatsoever because i left those cut marks on alpha color spots.

For this specific file, i used Drogean's mod:4k Tidus Texture
as a base to start; So thank you so much for your work on his 4k convertion.

That's It!

ENDORSE so i can release the rest of the set.

If you like this, check out the first outfit of the series: Kilbanne's Gothic Outfits Set - Rikku Edition .