Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

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FFX ReShade 3.05 with custom preset by Catachrism, setup to be compatible with UnX 0.9.x

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ReShade 3 and UnX 0.9.x Compatibity mod with FFX customized preset by Catachrism...

Welcome to my ReShade and UnX compatibility mod and this setup guide!  

What this mod is and what it does:

This mod installs a custom configured ReShade profile for ReShade 3 which will work with UnX.    

ReShade is a software by crosire which injects post processing effects into the game adding the ability to add many current gen visual effects not normally in the game.  

UnX is a modding software by Kaldaien used to mod many aspects of FFX (a must have mod) including bug fixes, language options, controller compatibility, game speedups and more...

This mod allows the 2 programs to run simultaneously without issue and installs my personal preset for the suite of effects I use while playing.  The results can be seen in action in the screenshots section.

Install and Setup for use with UnX(Project X):

1-  Download and install the latest UnX HERE

2-  Drag the or copy the contents of the FFX ReShade zip file (this mod) directly into your FINAL FANTASY FFX&FFX-2 HD Remaster folder, say yes to overwrite.

3-  Play game as normal

More Info:

**The "Home" key on the keyboard is the hotkey to toggle ReShade on and off for quick comparisons and shader testing etc...**

Shaders used in the preset:

Ambient Light                    
-makes game look much more modern, adds illusion of depth
-flares can be disable independently from bloom
-helped with depth
-subtle also used to add depth
-added that extra pop to the depth
-very subtle but I really like these combined masks poor textures but also I just like it for this game, I did not think I would but I gave it a shot.
-this adds some motion and action to the scenes looks really cool in battle and is great in ice or desert for a blowing particle                                                illusion.

The shader settings have been tweaked to create what you see in the screenshots.  

And for the inevitable haters of some of the effects, just please keep in mind the beauty of ReShade 3.05.  Which is that any of these effects are easily turned off one at a time in the shift+F2 menu

Other effects visible in the screenshots are my HD textures for FFX, in-game Ambient Occlusion (HDAO) set to high, in game AA set to max, and color correction on.

I can see some (or many?) people not liking the film grain and lens flares the most, sometimes they look out of place, but most of the time (in my opinion) they add a lot of polish and make the scenes more dynamic, so I have left them in.

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