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8k and optional 4k HD Rikku textures covering dive suit and normal outfit high poly and low poly.

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Hello and welcome!

This is my attempt to re-texture Rikku.  

The texture comes in a whopping 8K version and a "standard" 4K version.

Overall, I am am happy with the way the 8K turned out, it allowed me to capture the facial details and other fine details I wanted to see in game.  That said, for those that think 8K is absurd or just too demanding I have included a 4K version which retains most of the details.

I noticed no performance hit with the 8K version but I was only running that 1 texture replacement.  So if VRAM issues arise please use the 4k version.

Texture design and art direction came heavy from original texture and then blended with attempts to add the details seen in the FMV sequences in FFX.  I tried to reproduce the FMV look as much as I could in the in-game engine with detailed skin, lips, and materials.  There is one exception to this in which I added (some fan lighthearted service for long time fans of the series) if you can spot it.  Everything has been touched up or redone, eyebrows lips, hair, eyes, skin, clothing, boots, everything from head to toe because I became obsessed and it was addicting.

NOTE: Rikku has 3 sets of textures.  One for the dive suit in the beginning of the game.  One for the high poly model used in most dialogue scenes and close ups which has complete 3D modeled eyes (eye balls, eyelids, and model animation), and one for the low poly model used in battles and running around the map which has 2D animated eyes containing 6 frames of eyes is different states. 


To use you need to install UnX from ProjectX.  Get it here: Link

Unzip the textures and place into the "...inject\textures" folder.

Example directory: E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY FFX&FFX-2 HD Remaster\UnX_Res\inject\textures

Place the textures into the folder and have fun with a SUPER HD Rikku, lol.

I hope you enjoy!

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