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A hard mod for FF9. with new side quests and enemies.

Permissions and credits
This is the definitive edition. This version is compatible with HD backgrounds and balances the mod's gameplay and difficultly.

Download [Main] - Definitive Edition
Soundtrack Remaster

-Mod updated - 60FPS world map.

-Little update to the Axe Tiers.

-Update - Boss battle Rydia's Radiant Breath fix.

-Fixed Madain Sari extra scene bug.

-Always check change logs for updates.
In the beginning, Maenads had nothing. Their bodies ached and their hearts held nothing but hatred. They fought endlessly, yet death never came. Despaired, trapped within eternal quagmire. A soulless Maenad offered a serpent to the Sunshard and prayed for salvation. A soulful Maenad offered a reed to the Sunshard and asked for joy. A Maenad, born from these two, felt pity for the despair that had overran the Earth. They named the Maenad, Dykstra, God of the Sun. Dykstra made time, and divided it into day and night. Dykstra outlined the road to salvation, and gave Maenads joy. And Dykstra took endless time away from the Maenads. Dykstra created beings to lead Maenads in obedience to her. The Dark God, Maenhanoj, the Holy god, Rydia; many gods and demons. Finally, Dykstra set out to create Paradise; where Maenads would be joyful just by being there. But then, Dykstra's strength ran out, and she collapsed. All the Maenads grieved over this unfortunate event, yet Dykstra breathed her last. She returned to the dust, promising to return again. So the Sun God hasn't been lost. We must offer our prayers and not forget our faith. We wait and hope for the day, when the path to paradise will be reopened.
Due to the failure of unfulfilled conditions, the phenomenon sent through a full circle and forced to, once again, relive through the world of Gaia; abstracting the previous souls once before, until the right conditions are fulfilled. There is one person, ought most forgotten during their first event, who's seen it all too many times. They must wait until the elevator secretes; and find the lost soul assumed to be forever trapped there otherwise, in the world of Gaia.
Necron's resurrection and vengeance to complete what the previous embodiment was born to do. Necron's recreation of the Mysterious Girl, the Maenads to obliterate the prime target who happens to have taken on the art of summoning. Any surviving summoners must be obliterated. Legendary summoner herself, came through the same elevator, to warn and fight along with these innocent victims that were sent to the land of Gaia, by Necron, during the Holocene Era of 1800. The Interdimensional elevator, known as, transportation of the Maenads. The Maenads used a shard, activating such elevator to travel through the space time continuum. Once they located the prime target, their program was initiated and back through the Interdimensional elevator, they went. Through the process; these victims were sent there to relive, feeble and forget who they are and eventually evolve into the original souls that they now abstract. Resulting in a more gentle, peaceful death, Necron declares. The Summon Program, which is used to give the Maenads summoning powers, control Eidolons and Espers and grow their strength, the world of Gaia is now cloaked with augmented monsters; aimed to take the victims out, ordered by Necron.
-------------------------------Rare Treasures (Definitive Edition)---------------------------------
>Zodiac Spear has a 1% chance to spawn in Fossil Roo and is a rare chest in Alexandria Disc 3/4. Once found, the chest will always contain the Zodiac Spear.
>Tournesol is a rare chest and can be found in Alexandria Disc 3/4 with a 5% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain Tournesol.
>Kanya is a rare chest and can be found in Lindblum Disc 3/4 with a 10% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain Kanya.
>Ribbon, is a rare chest and can be found in Daguerreo with a 5% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain the Ribbon.
>Grim Whisper, is a rare chest found in the residences of Burmecia with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain the Grim Whisper.
-------------------------------Rare Treasures 
(STRONG MOD)---------------------------------
>Zodiac Spear has a 10% chance to spawn in Fossil Roo and is a rare chest in Alexandria Disc 3/4. Once found, the chest will always contain the Zodiac Spear.
>Tournesol is a rare chest and can be found in Alexandria Disc 3/4 with a 15% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain Tournesol.
>Kanya is a rare chest and can be found in Lindblum Disc 3/4 with a 30% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain Kanya.
>Ribbon, is a rare chest and can be found in Daguerreo with a 10% chance to spawn. Once found, the chest will always contain the Ribbon.
>Seitengrat, is a rare chest in Gaia. Once found, the chest will always contain Seitengrat.
>You can obtain more than one of these rare chests.

To recruit Beatrix (Nia), go to Alexandria Castle during the Hilda Garde 3 events on Disc 3. Her extra scenes are only available if this is done during Disc 3.

Their character slots can be recruited as a permanent party member, switchable with their counterparts at any time once their extra scene is found and completed. (Exception: Blank~Amarant).

To install the Font, double click on "Gadugi" and click 'Install" from the pop up window. If Windows asks you to overwrite, select "Yes" and overwrite.
Steps to prevent Font bugs:
1. Go to the Control Panel
2. Click on Fonts
3. Find Font: "Gadugi" and delete it.
4. Reinstall the Font from the Font\ folder of the mod as such.
5. Start the game.
If on Windows 10
1. Click in Windows 10's Search field (located just to the right of the Start button), type "fonts," then click the item that appears at the top of the results: Fonts - Control panel.
3. Find Font: "Gadugi" and delete it.
4. Reinstall the Font from the Font\ folder of the mod as such.
5. Start the game.

To earn Gil ($), you must sell loot dropped by foes. Loot comes in 3 different types:
Charger Barding, Electrum and Dark Stones.
Foes do not drop Gil at all, with the exception of a view.

There are 2 different bad status effects: Reverse and Disease.
Reverse: Practically remains the same as it's predecessor (Zombie), except some enemy attacks will heal allies instead. Characters still cannot gain EXP/LP/AP, or be revived while under the status.

Disease: Again, the same primary effect as it's predecessor (Virus), except, an ally cannot be healed while under the status. While limitations still stand, allies can still be healed outside of battles, but cannot be healed during battle or even recovered from KO.

The corresponding PlayStation controller keystrokes follow greatly the original PSX control scheme: (Set in Settings Menu)
X: Confirm
△: Menu
□: Cards/Moogle
Circle: Cancel


*Only certain characters have 2 job classifications, pertaining to the story line.

Job: Monk
>Weapon Focus: Poles.
>Equipment Focus: Light Armor (Vitality benefit).
>Age: 25.
>Race:  Multiracial.
>Uses Poles. Mitigated by magick resist.

Job: Time Battlemage/Black Mage (Story line retained)
>Weapon Focus: Crossbows.
>Equipment Focus: Heavy Armor (Defense benefit).
>Age: 15.
>Race: Abstract Black Mage.
>Uses Crossbows. Mitigated by defense and weather.

Job: Knight
>Weapon Focus: Small Swords & Great swords.
>Equipment Focus: Heavy Armor & Shields (Defense & Evasion benefit).
>Age: 37.
>Race: Caucasian. Multiracial.
>Uses small swords and great swords. Mitigated by defense.

Job: Red Battlemage/White Mage (Story line retained)
>Weapon Focus: Maces.
>Equipment Focus: Mystic Armor (Magic benefit).
>Age: 21.
>Race: Cherry Creek Indian. Multiracial.
>Uses Maces. Magick is a plus.

Job: Archer/Uhlan (Story line retained)
>Weapon Focus: Bows.
>Equipment Focus: Light Armor (Vitality benefit).
>Age: 27.
>Race: Trinidadian. Possibly multiracial. Background is unknown, adopted father refuses to tell all.
>Uses Bows; ranged weapons. Speed is a plus.

Job: Foebreaker
>Weapon Focus: Hammers.
>Equipment Focus: Heavy Armor & Shields (Defense & Evasion benefit).
>Age: 29.
>Race: Caucasian
>Uses Hammers. Luck is a plus.

Job: Shikari
>Weapon Focus: Daggers.
>Equipment Focus: Light Armor (Vitality benefit).
>Age: 23.
>Race: Multiracial, Dominican, Background is unknown, adopted father refuses to tell all.
>Uses Daggers. Speed is a plus.

Job: Machinist
>Weapon Focus: Guns.
>Equipment Focus: Light Armor (Vitality benefit).
>Age: Unknown.
>Uses Guns; ranged weapons. Ignores Defense.

Job: Black Mage/White Mage (Child Rydia retained)
>Weapon Focus: Staves.
>Equipment Focus: Mystic Armor (Magic benefit).
>Age: 24.
>Race: Human.
>Uses Staves. Mitigated by defense.

Job:White Mage
>Weapon Focus: Rods.
>Equipment Focus: Mystic Armor (Magic benefit).
>Age: 34.
>Race: Possibly Multiracial, husband refuses to tell all.
>Uses Rods. Mitigated by defense.

Job: Bushi
>Weapon Focus: Katanas ~ (Dual Dagger?).
>Equipment Focus: Versatile; Mystic Armor, Heavy Armor & Shields (Unarmed) (Magic, Defense, Evasion, Strength benefit).
>Age: 32.
>Race: Human.
>Uses Katanas. Magick is a plus.

Job: Uhlan
>Weapon Focus: Spears.
>Equipment Focus: Heavy Armor (Defense benefit).
>Age: 24.
>Race: Multiracial, Dominican.
>Uses Spears; piercing weapons. Mitigated by defense.


Sudden appearance is not entirely clear other than the ambition to end the dire event. Unknowingly to Vivi, Rydia constantly keeps an eye on this target, sensing something dangerous. Due to the disturbance within the space time continuum, the Sun God and her beings mistakenly take Rydia for one of their Gods. Be it the Yellow God or Holy God. Resulting from this, there is an entity known as, the Soul of Rydia, who’s time flows excessively than Rydia herself. 17/7/14 Days of the Yore“Hmm... 17+7+14 is 38? No... But, it’s not the day of secretion... Someone there is trying to tell me something...” Rydia thought to herself, before leaving the land of the beasts one last time. The ruins of Madain Sari... There, home of the legendary Eidolon Wall, now overran by Gods and Angels. A comfort zone for the Gods, they remain there, awaiting the day when paradise will be reopened.
”I’m not sure why they target such innocent lives to torture, toy with and feeble. Yet... those people will never truly understand the role of the 4 Gods, and their real intentions for doing what couldn’t be done before; in the Holocene Era of 1800. I can now only wonder... will this land of Gaia forever become the hearth and home of Eternal Paradise?”
”If God wills it. If God wills it...”

Nyx Ulric
Much like the rest, how he got here is mysterious in itself. Possibly same interdimensional elevator. Always carries a shard with him. Apparently tamed an indomitable Esper. Knows much about the phenomenon of the interdimensional elevator's 'full circle' effect, yet doesn't speak of it.

Nia Gillespie
Bold. Assertive. Real. Split image of her cousin, Deniece. Bond, tighter than a drum. 'Two halves make a whole. With it, we are indefinite'. During the dire event, mimic soul, trapped by the demon of Madain Sari, she believes the change of continuum is true.

In the original game, 'James' is an entity, created by the Maenads in the distance millennium; Apparatus and the crystal. Their leader and God, Dykstra, pleaded to have one of her own reincarnated; and remake the world, with the power of the Sentience~the crystal of life. Upon an unheralded success; a menace was born; mere form of an apparition. This spirit; one who guards the outer seal of the Apparatus, has the undying power to possess its targets; the unfortunate incident of Zach. As a result, he being the first witness of the divine beauty that is Apparatus. Possessed by such entity, it takes form of a new soul; leaving the existing one lost in a void of despair. Only with the power of unheralded devotion could bring one back to their senses.
In the debut edition, the Maenad Menace appears as a seemingly normal male bipedal, with very few differences from his counterpart: Zach. Before the events; the Maenad Menace, was, but an ordinary soul, living among the Maenad race. It wasn’t until the tragic events that his soul would be of little purpose. A change was needed. DykstraSun God, Maenad leader and gateway to the Sentience, needed avenge her great ancestors who lost their souls in the world battle long gone days of yore; sets her eyes on the one she calls: Prime Target. A young man, with a family tree that predates back to those days of yore, a fiend she describes as, ‘The one who obliterated our race from that moon’. Her vengeance, have the Prime Target obliterated while he becomes feeble. She finds, among her own, a soul who’s physical appearance matches closely to the one the Prime Target would consider, an ally; furthermore, a close friend. Jonah… was his name. He, who’s physical appearance resembles that much of Zach’s, with a few detail differences. Dykstra’s first choice for an assassin to do the deed requested. She orders the man to make himself appear as one of the Prime Target’s own allies, his, close friend. “With this disguise, you shall lure the Prime Target into your grasp. Feeble him, mystify and assassinate him in the process. Go!
With those words, Jonah, who’s name is never revealed to the Prime Target or his allies, is now on the hunt, releasing a menacing vibe to anyone who sees him.

Vivi Ornitier
Since the dire event and disturbance within the space time continuum, aged about 15, returns as an abstracted Black Mage wielded with the power to abstract. Possibly one of the Sun God's followers. Destined to destroy all targets aside from his previous purpose, yet internal feelings would suggest otherwise. Carries a mysterious amulet from Schala, used to somehow control or alter the interdimensional elevator's 'full circle' effect. Only desires to turn his back on the evil device...

Steiner Reyes
Long time Veteran, first time father. Strict and dominant. Refuses to speak much about his adopted children's background to anyone. Certain desires of his may have led his lover to leave.

Luke Reyes
A scholar, supposedly related to Derrick, possibly caught in the mess of the dire event. Doesn't speak much when Steiner's around. Somewhat introverted. Denies daughter's accusations of Steiner.

Freya Reyes
Bold, spiritual, inventive and persistent. Barely saw her other adopted father during her child years. Never forgets the moment of her life she calls: "The Brawl..." During the dire event, she is the only one among her own who hasn't be dearly affected by the beast's unheralded power. "This is an abstract infused and perceived as reality, to which I desire naught of."

Deniece Reyes
Frank, and bold, yet smart and clever. Extremely close to her brother and cousin. Tends to become overprotective of her brother; when targeted.

Dwight Derrick Reyes
An auto dictate, young and wise. Supposedly knows more than anyone else about what happened before the dire event. Much like his father, tends to become introverted in certain social situations.

Zach Fotana
A seemingly magnanimous man, yet extremely bold, assertive and direct. Head strong and brave. Tends to be egocentric in social situations. Refuses to speak a word about his father, while tends to be somber when thinking about his gravely ill mother.

Kevin Johnson
Carefree, adventurous and gregarious. Lost both parents due to war. Due to that, tends to get hotheaded occasionally.