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This randomizer was designed to alter the game in many different ways to give each playthrough a fresh feel. Includes many different features.

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VVs Randomizer (v5)

This randomizer was designed to alter the game in 
many different ways to give each playthrough a fresh feel. 

Make sure your game language is set to US to see the correct names and descriptions.
Requires Moguri or Memoria to work (not both).


Randomized Active Abilities and Support Abilities. You can choose to have stronger abilities (such as Auto-Haste) have a higher chance to appear on later equipment.

Characters will only learn abilities that will have a use.
A character only has the chance to learn Boost if they can also learn a summon.
A character only has the chance to learn Eye 4 Eye if they can also learn Counter.

This randomizer has an option to include a few custom Support Abilities that I designed that hope to offer new play styles, with a few minor tweaks to others.

First Aid - Recover a small amount of HP when you Defend.
Weak Spot - Lower enemy Defence with each successful Steal.
Ninja - Vanish when you dodge a physical attack.
Sturdy - Cannot be KO'ed from a single hit at full HP.
Iron Skin - Generates constant Protect, but is very heavy.

(+ my personal favourite)
Contagious - Inflict all current Status when physically attacked.
This one might make you think twice about curing status conditions outside of battle.
A zombie attacking a character with Auto-Regen...
Perhaps leaving a character petrified has its benefits...

All weapons have a chance to have Elemental Attacks and Added Status Effects (all characters will have the Add Status support ability).

Weapon descriptions will tell you what they have.

The status effect will have a different % colour, depending on its accuracy.

Red % = 10% chance
Orange % = 25% chance
Green % = 40% chance
(+ a secret cyan %)

There is a chance weapon damage type can be Random (think Quinas damage range) and HP Steal.

Weapon names can be custom; Selected from built in name pool at random, or from a text document that can be edited.

Naming is prioritised by the following;
Special Weapon > HP Steal > Status (not weakest %) > Element > Neutral

Weapon textures can be randomized per character.

Shuffle equipment locations (excluding weapons and consumables). This will affect loot on the ground, chests, steals, shops, etc.

All equipment will have their stats adjusted to where it is found in the game.

Equipment can have elemental attributes. Similarly to weapons, these can be read in the description.

Boost - Increases the damage done by a weapon with that element (20 items).
Eater - Heal the damage taken from that element (5 items).
Proof - Receive no damage from that element (10 items).
Ward - Receive half damage from that element (20 items).
Weak - Weak against that element (40 items).

Shuffling equipment locations will also give characters new starting equipment.

Randomize enemy attacks for all mandatory fights (bosses, forced encounters, etc).

The attacks have loose scaling attached to keep a difficulty curve throughout.

If you are stuck against an enemy with difficult attacks, there is an option to re-randomize only this, keeping the rest of the game the same.

*** This option is buggy. Boss animations can be janky. ***

The models can be re-randomized if you run into any issues such as softlocking. You can choose your current game progress to only randomize the bosses you have not yet encountered.

Status immunities can also be randomized. One-Hit KO ailments (petrify, etc) have less chance.

Randomize the creatures Quina can eat. Search all over Gaia to learn his/her abilities.

Edible creatures can be identified by having a permanent positive status, such as Haste, Shell, Protect.

They will have buffed HP and MP and deal slightly increased damage. Status immunities are randomized and the amount of Gil dropped is increased.

Quina will start with Scan to help keep track of the foes remaining HP.

Beaches, Grassland and Forests will have different chances in the overworld- A creature in a forest might not be edible, but the same creature on a beach might be.

This mod requires either Memoria or Moguri. If you are using Memoria, the game will need to be opened up once to create the 'Memoria.ini' file before running this randomizer.
! Installing both will have file conflict issues and this mod will not work !

Run VVsRandomizer.exe

Click Open and locate your FF9_Launcher.exe file inside the steam directory (...SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IX)

Choose your options and then click Randomize!

Make sure your game language is set to US to see the correct names and descriptions.

The mod can be used/re-randomized during a current playthrough. All you need to do is unequip support abilities (or else you won't be able to unequip any support abilities you no longer have). Equipment might look strange after (gloves on your head, etc), but you just need to change equipment or set it to off.

Run VVsRandomizer.exe

Click Open and locate your FF9_Launcher.exe file inside the steam directory (...SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IX)

Click Remove Mod.

To uninstall manually;

- Delete the 'RandomizerMod' folder inside your steam Final Fantasy IX folder.

- Inside the 'StreamingAssets' folder, return the 'p0data2.bak' file back to 'p0data2.bin'.
- If you are using Moguri, go to MoguriFiles\StreamingAssets\ and revert 'p0data2.bak' to 'p0data2.bin'.
- If you had randomized music, inside the 'StreamingAssets' folder, return the 'p0data61.bak' file back to 'p0data61.bin'.

Error message: Could not find 'Memoria.ini'.
With Memoria installed, the ini file is created after opening the game up once.

The mod has randomized, but my game hasn't changed/suddenly went back to vanilla.
I have noticed that Moguri overwrites the Memoria.ini file when you make changes to the start-up splash screen options. This effectively disables the RandomizerMod folder. The fix is simple, however. You can either run VVsRandomizer.exe and Open the FF9_Launcher.exe again (this step is where the ini file is updated), or modify the ini file yourself by making sure it reads something like;
FolderNames="MoguriFiles", "MoguriVideo", "RandomizerMod"

Error message: The 'Memoria.ini' does not contain "FolderNames = ".
I've seen this once or twice during testing. It might be a conflict because you installed both Moguri and Memoria.

Names haven't changed.
Make sure you are using US language.

Game freezes/softlocks during battle with the move/model randomizer.
During testing I found that there was one or two moves that would softlock the fight if it was used by a certain enemy, or a boss replacing a certain boss. I fixed these cases, but there could be more I didn't discover. If this happens you can use the re-randomize option.

Creature in Desert Palace is edible, but I didn't choose Quina to be in my party.
You can re-enter Desert Palace with your other team through one of the teleporters when they are reunited.

This started as a small personal project that kept evolving. Even though I had very little programming experience to begin with, my love for this game helped me persevere and learn. Over 7,000 lines of code later, I feel that it is complete. (v3 is now 20k+, v4 25k, v5 26k + UI!)

A huge thanks to Tirlititi for suggesting I integrate my mod with Memoria, making it extremely user friendly. Without his advice, users would need a DLL and Unity Asset editor.

Thank you to all the streamers and their communities for helping me playtest this mod, from finding issues to suggesting features.

Support Ability Changelog (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Add Status code adjusted and can now be applied to self and allies. (Note: This is applied regardless of custom support ability option)

Healer will now always hit target, unless they are zombified.

Guardian Mog renamed to Refreshed.

Concentrate renamed to Greater Healing.

Locomotion renamed to Steady Motion.
Gives immunity to Slow, Stop and Haste.

Initiative renamed to First Strike.
Start battle with a full ATB gauge.
Magic Crystal cost increased from 5 to 8.

Alert renamed to Alert!
Now gives immunity to Sleep as well as Prevents Back Attacks.
Magic Crystal cost increased from 4 to 5.

Clear Headed renamed to Clarity.
Now gives immunity to Berserk as well as Confusion.
Magic Crystal cost increased from 5 to 6.

Distract renamed to Reflex+
Code adjusted so instead of enemies accuracy dropping, character evasion increases.


Ninja overwrites Restore HP.
When a character dodges an attack, they gain temporary Vanish.
Magic Crystal cost 5.

Iron Skin overwrites Ability Up.
Gives permanent Protect and Slow and immunity to Float.
Slow can be removed by having Steady Motion or Auto-Haste equipped.
Magic Crystal cost 9.

EXP > AP overwrites Level Up.
EXP gained is 0, while AP gained is multiplied by 3.
Magic Crystal cost 7.

Weak Spot overwrites Mug.
Enemy Defence is dropped after each successful Steal (Defence x 0.7).
Magic Crystal cost 6.

Sturdy overwrites Auto-Float.
When character HP is full, an attack that would kill them will instead leave them with 1 HP.
Magic Crystal cost 11.

Contagious overwrites Bright Eyes.
All current Status (positive and negative) will pass on to physical attackers (enemy or ally).
Magic Crystal cost 5.

First Aid overwrites Insomniac.
Recover 15% of Max HP when you Defend.
Magic Crystal cost 5.