Final Fantasy IX
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This mod remove the equipment bonus so you can level up without worrying about getting the perfect stats.

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Hi everyone.

FFIX is my favourite FF, but there is one thing that i have always disliked. The leveling system.

Here is a link on how it works: Here

In short, the better equipment you have, the better stats you gain when leveling up. So to get the perfect stats you have to get to CD 4 at level 1 and then level up with the best equipment.
I don't like that, and thanks to the fantastic memoria engine i can skip that.

The mod put all bonus equipment stats at a fixed value so every equipment give you the same leveling bonus.

There is six level from +0 to +5. 

+0 will make the game harder because at level 99 you'll have the basic stats.

+5 should make the game fairly easy.

This mod is designed to work with Moguri mod + Alternate Fantasy.

To install just drop the extracted folder in your FFIX folder installation and replace. Make a backup of the previous file just in case.