Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
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Fixes the midi music.

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This replaces the midi music playing in the battle of the Gardens or during the SeeD test in Dollet (if you save & load your game) with the correct (OGG) version.


Download an zzz extractor and packer such as zzzDeArchive:
Use it to extract your other.zzz somewhere convenient (protip: make a copy of any .zzz files you modify, in case something goes wrong).
Download the mod, extract it, and copy the data folder and its contents to where you extracted other.zzz, overwriting any files as necessary.
Use your zzz extractor/packer to pack the other.zzz folder back up (in case of zzzDeArchive, be sure to rename the newly created "out.zzz" into "other.zzz" without the quotes)
Then copy the modded other.zzz back into your "FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered" directory, again overwriting as needed.

Thanks to casquall for his awesome Triple Triad remaster mod as well as his explanations on how to use it. His mod and his explanations made me realize that I could create this, as anyone with minimal skills in using a tool like Audacity can do it. I even shamelessly reused most of his words in the above explanation since it is pretty much perfect). You can find his great mod on