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aerith with serah farron's clothing and psuedo hairstyle

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As usual BIGGEST thank you ever to JujuB for teaching me how to mod, but also using their time to get assets from ffxv which i used for the hair. thank u for helping me all the time with this mod and giving me a lot of advice. ilu

Also thank you to amiibolad for sharing their technique with hair o maps which I used for this mod, it made the hair look a lot softer !


There is a lot of clipping issues and weird physics with the hair its pretty crusty. half of it is due to limitations with modding right now the other half is my laziness. so im just releasing it as it is. maybe ill update it in the future


Thanks to Matyalatte for creating the .pak injection import method, and to TerryXX, JordanBTucker and Narknon for working on it as well. Tutorial and tool for importing your own meshes is out! Follow @matyamodding on twitter for updates.

Follow @matyamodding on twitter for updates. 

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