Final Fantasy VII Remake
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A mod that upscales 20000+ textures, plus many other features!

Permissions and credits
06/05/2022: Torrent is live! Please seed for a while after downloading :)
If you encounter any errors, please let me know and I will fix ASAP!

Main features:

  • Texture upscales for the whole game!
  • 20000+ textures have been upscaled by ESRGAN using different models. These include environments, characters, enemies, weapons, objects, etc. All textures below 2K have been upscaled to twice their original size!. The result enhances the texture quality for the entire game regarding the output resolution (1080p onwards). Differences can be seen in standard gameplay, but are even more evident in closeups, cutscenes and photo mode

  • Mesh injection for HQ objects
  • Including HQ sandbags, HQ objects inside Jessie's House (by LOLOGP), a reworked Aerith's garden with high-poly flowers, and others!

  • Skyboxes upscales and fixes
  • Several skyboxes have been upscaled and edited manually for fixing small details!Some of those fixes are injected permanently, and others still requiere 3DM (hence, only work in DX11)

  • All PAK files are already Zlib compressed for disk space saving.
  • The first version mod didn't have this feature. Files are around 40-50% smaller this time around.

Mod Showcase:

Upscaling texture example:

Left is original / Right is ESRGAN upscaling

Installation notes:

  • Because the complete filesize is too big (57.8gb), only a single torrent is avaliable. I will not upload files individually to Nexus.
  • The files are not inside a RAR, so selective download is possible too. I recommend deleting the old version of the environment mod though, as it's not compressed.
  • To install the HD project, just place that folder inside the ~mods folder:
  • C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods\HD Project
  • To use the 3DM upscaled Skyboxes, fist download the base 3DM mod from Nexus here:
  •  and install it into the executable folder C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Binaries\Win64  Then take the 3DM folder content and place it there (the content, not the folder)  This ONLY works with DX11  To use:   > F3 enables mods  > Ctrl + 1 --> Switch between the sector 5 upscaled Skyboxes  > Ctrl + 2 --> Enable Sector 7 night upscaled Skybox  > Ctrl + 3 --> Enable Sector 7 train graveyard upscaled Skybox  > BONUS: Ctrl + Z changes volumetric fog shaders, useful for some zones to revert intergrade changes.

Quick questions:

  • What's the total uncompressed size? 54 Gb. Yep, for real!
  • Does this affect performance? Yes, of course. How much? Depends on your hardware, GPU VRAM and .INI config. If you notice texture pop-in, my advice would be to play around with the settings, texture pool size in the .ini file, etc. I still run this perfectly with my GTX 1070, and the game stutters in some places like Sector 7 for me regardless of the mod.


Tools used:

  • Umodel by Gildor. Custom version by SpiritovodLINK
  • DDS tools by MattyaModding.   LINK
  • FF7R-mesh-importer by MattyModding.   LINK

Help needed:

  • LOLOGP, for mutual help during the modding process. He also gifted his work to this mod. You're amazing!
  • MattyaModding, Narknon, JuJuB, Amibolad and others in the OpenFF7R Discord and MattyaModding's house Discord
  • Thanks for answering my questions and helping me learn the required steps for modding!

If you like the mod and would like to say thanks, please consider donating :)
Paypal: [email protected]