Final Fantasy VII Remake
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About this mod

A 100% Save File for FFVII Remake on PC (Base Game)

Permissions and credits
This save include :

- All Characters Level 50
- All Weapons Fully Upgraded
- All Coliseum Fight Done
- All VR Missions Done
- All Enemy Accessed
- All Battle Intel Done
- All Weapons, Accessory & Armors
- All Chapters Cleared in Hard Mode
- All Materias Fully Maxed Out (except one luck up materia)
- Chapter Selection Unlocked
- Play Log Section Complete (there is a missing enemy intel, enemy accessed and vr missions but those are stuff from the dlc, that i haven't completed yet)
- 1 Copy of Every Items (I've kept only one of each because they're basically useless in hard mode)

Not all side quest are done in the current playtrough, because i did have to replay some chapters multiple time and chapter selection reset side quest progress, also i plan on updating the save file with a better one in the future (it will probably take a while tho), it will have more copy of materias, armors and accessory i already have, just to have more stuff to play around with :)

It is a completely clean save file, no cheats were used.

Also English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for all the grammar mistakes and all those stuff xD

Installation :

Copy the ff7remake001.sav file to :
Your User Name\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE\EOS\Bunch of Numbers\

Like Jessie would say "have fun !"