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Stops the game from using dynamic resolution entirely.

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You probably don't need this mod any more. Thanks to the newly released FFVIIHook, you can create your own INI files without having to fiddle with PAKs.

To do exactly what this mod does, follow the instructions on the FFVIIHook page, and paste this into your created INI file.


I also recommend reading the comments of that page, test out some other settings for yourself. You can make this shoddy port a little more bearable.

And endorse FFVIIHook, it's very useful.

Old description:

Depending on FPS cap, the game utilizes dynamic resolution.

With this mod, it's no longer able to do so, regardless of FPS cap setting.

To install, first extract the download, go to your FF7 Remake install folder, then navigate to End\Content\Paks, and place the ~mods folder into the Paks folder.

Dynamic resolution is now disabled.