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Import the "Igneous Saber" from FF7: Ever Crisis.

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As the name suggests, the Igneous Saber was born of the planet's own furnace, forged from a rare ore that can only be found in the depths of the most active volcanoes...

Rumor suggests the smith who created this enigma was a peerless Cetra prodigy, capable of twisting metal amidst the eruptions that provided both forge and farrier. A symbol of creation, devastation, and the untamed powers of the Planet, it is said the weapon can command the earth to rise or rend itself in two if lifted by a deserving warrior--though such feats have yet to be witnessed.

Recently, a Shinra materia researcher explored the origins of these fables and connected the sword to the summoned beast Titan. Speculation was abound already that the creator of this incomparable weapon could harness the earth's wrath and stand unshaken amidst chaos, but to dare claim their knowledge--maybe their very self--has survived for centuries alongside their prized saber?

...Maybe that researcher is onto something.

  • Repositioned trail bones to match the model geometry
  • The Unity-style Metallic/Roughness/Occlusion map was divided into UE-compatible MRV and Occlusion textures
  • Thanks to Judgment, the Unity-style Normal map was redone in Blender to be UE-compatible
  • Tangents and normals are properly exported to keep sharp edges and edge creases
  • 4 materia slots
  • Billboard menu graphic and menu text
  • Modded BluePrint files replaces all of Cloud's swords

4.14.2024: The Nail Bat mod is fixed (I'm pretty sure/hope) and available for download.
Version 2.0
overhauls the entire mod with individual paks for each weapon and was a real pain in the ass.
Version 1.0
replaces all weapon models for Cloud with modded BluePrint files. No menu graphic or text included.

✦ Unzip and drag .pak of your choice to your ~mods folder. (FFVIIRemakeIntergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods)