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Import the "Bandaged Sword" from FF7: Ever Crisis over all of Cloud's swords. Includes three emission color variations.

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The Bandaged Sword is a hulking weapon where crude and cutting-edge technology are intertwined...

The body of the weapon radiates brilliant light through extensive lengths of optical fiber and glass viewports, implying some form of power is contained within—maybe raw materia, the crystalized lifeblood of the planet, or perhaps something else entirely. Accumulators stack the length of the blade, indicating an innate capability to channel energy into each strike, exhausting salvos of additional force with each blow. The wrappings embracing the sword hint at a history of battles and skirmishes, as well as a necessity for haphazard repairs that could not wait for the seasoned hands of a weaponsmith. They speak to a warrior's resourcefulness on the battlefield and their determination to press onward, no matter the damage suffered in combat.

Although not as sleek or pristine as a factory-forged weapon, nor as regal as those borne by knights of old, the true value of the Bandaged Sword can be measured in the hands it has passed through, the battles it has witnessed, and even the lives it has claimed. It stands as a testament to survival, adaptation, and the relentlessness of those who fight further.


  • The trail effect bones were slightly repositioned to match the Bandaged Sword's model geometry
  • The Unity-style Metallic/Roughness/Occlusion/Emission map was divided into hand-made, UE-compatible MRV, Occlusion, and Emission texture maps
  • Thanks to Judgment, the Unity-style Normal map was redone in Blender to be UE-compatible
  • Thanks to Jokell in the OpenKH server, there are three variations of the emission color: green, red, and violet
  • Modded BluePrint files replaces all of Cloud's swords


2.15.2024: Version 1.0 replaces all weapon models for Cloud with modded BluePrint files. No menu graphic or text included.


✦ Unzip and drag one .pak of your choice to your ~mods folder. (FFVIIRemakeIntergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods)