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A voice acting mod + other features!

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A complete voice over mod for Final Fantasy VII. (Demo for the time being. Still a WIP)

All lines in the game will be voiced by our 200+ voice actors and community members!
We have outstanding voice talents for the Main and Minor cast and the NPC's in the game are all voiced by you guys!
However, quality control has been used so don't worry. All NPC actors have been live coached and guided to get the lines the way they need to be.
Combined with this, we have an extremely talented editing team to clean them up, and add environmental effects to every line!

This project is going to take a stupid amount of time and needs plenty of support to keep everyone involved going.
This is a playable demo to show the work we have completed and to get some feedback as we go.
And with any luck, if it gets enough attention we'll find even more talent to help us out!

You can look at more stuff we do or find more about us over at

This mod contains a few features found below:

1. Full Voice Acting
2. Day/Night system
3. Random Weather
4. Retranslated Script (Yes we kept "This guy are sick")
5. Automatic text

If you would like to HEAR THE VOICE ACTORS you can do so here.
The actors themselves check the video for feedback, tips and anything else you guys would like to say to them.
The likes on these videos go A LONG WAY as these actors all work for FREE and seeing your support helps them in this journey.

You can also Donate to this project HERE
All donations for this project are saved to serve as wages for the actors involved up to this point.
If you do so, please PM me letting me know this is what you donated towards and how much so I know to separate it from other donations.

If you would like to have your voice inside project Echo-S, you can!
Feel free to head over to our DISCORD and do the steps inside the "Unlock Discord" chat and you'll be good to go!
Even with no experience, it's okay! We will direct you and make sure you nail the performance and can be proud of it.

Maybe you'd like to see how this mod is created behind the scenes?
Or even if you'd just like to keep me company while I code it all, because it isn't exactly "fun" so having you to talk to helps a lot...
Come hang out over on our TWITCH CHANNEL

For install instructions please use this tutorial video and follow it closely: