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New, fresh portraits from Dissidia: Opera Omnia.
Keeping that 7 Chibi style alive, even when the game is paused.

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FF7 Comes Alive with portraits from Opera Omnia
Final Fantasy VII has had a number of portrait mods, from 3D models, to upscaled versions of the classics.
But what about a style similar to the original, but chibi?

This is something I've wanted for a long time, but it wasn't realisable for me until Opera Omnia came out with every single protagonist from FF7 as a playable character... except Red.

What to expect...
These portraits capture the chibi look and feel of FFVII's field models, while still looking serious.

Extra Options
As well as the Chibi style with borders, there's a chibi style with a plain old white background, configurable in the Seventh Heaven menu.

This Mod Requires 7th Heaven

What is "Opera Omnia"?
It's a classic-style turn based combat JRPG Final Fantasy on tablets and maybe phones. Free tablet games have a bad reputation (Being exploitative or clicker games), but it's incredibly player-friendly and you can complete all the 30+ chapters of story content without spending a single penny.
You can pay money for pulls on the gacha machine for rare loot, but honestly you can earn more than enough through gameplay to get a few favourites equipped.
The only thing you can't access are the purely-aesthetic costumes to dress Cloud up like Geostigma's got him down.

Combining way over a hundred heroes from all the Final Fantasy games, it's honestly pretty damn awesome, and you should check it out.