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Adds several mods from 7th Heaven .iro packages and makes them directly compatible with Reunion mod for those out there, like myself, that want the translation patches and 60 FPS mode of Reunion but with the extra textures and models of 7th Heaven packs. It's a very simple drag n' drop folder.

Permissions and credits
Tired of FF7R?  Feel it didn't satisfy the Remake itch?  Well, why not go back to the original with proper translations and amazing visuals?

First things first.  This mod should be compatible with any version that supports Reunion.  That is, FF7 1998 PC version, FF7 Ultima Edition (this is NOT the 2012 Square Enix release), and FF7 Steam Edition.

Reunion Mod is necessary to use this.  That's the whole point of this mod was to make other mods compatible with Reunion.

THIS MOD DOES NOT CONTAIN REUNION MODS ITSELF, it's simply a lot of folder paths necessary to work inside of that mod.


1. Install Reunion (current version is R06e as of writing this), instructions are here, if necessary.

2. Once that's installed properly, simply extract the folder inside (GLOBAL) and copy/paste it into the "The_Reunion" folder from your FF7 installation folder.  Overwrite everything if it asks.

NOTE: Also make sure that inside of "The_Reunion" folder you check the Options.ini and make sure that the option under [MAIN] called Model_Overhaul is set to 'n' (without the quotes) and not 'y'.  This makes sure that it uses the GLOBAL settings instead of the built-in Model Overhaul settings.

This is a large sized series of mods, so could take a bit to extract.

Boot up the game and enjoy!


Special Thanks to:
DLPB for making Reunion
Luksy for mods and translations
Charlie Bear for mods
and the rest of the team at Reunion

Also thanks to EQ2Alyza, NinoStyle, Tsunamix, Shiniboy and other 7th Heaven creators for their exceptional compression and decompression tools and mods.
And one more thanks for the communities that helped me (without necessarily knowing it, I'm a lurker).

For more detailed credits see the README file included inside of the mod.