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This is a custom installer for the Steam Version of Final Fantasy VI.
With this, you can replace the ugly Mobile UI, the sprites, battlebackgrounds, fonts, soundtrack and so much more.
Currently the Mod has 4 presets to choose from, but we plan to add in custom installer to manually select every mod individually.

Permissions and credits
Atma Weapon is a custom installer created to ease the modding process of Final Fantasy VI on steam.

It will automatically run FFVI_Explore and turn your FF6 installation into "modding mode"
This will enables you to manually replaces any files or assets with custom made versions of your choice.
(Located in the OBB folder of your FF6 installation)

This Installer currently come with 4 separate presets,
AWR (A World Reborn),
NOS (Nostalgia),
Hybrid (a mix of AWR and NOS),
and Classic (closest to SNES version).

If you wish to see what each preset includes and what they change,
I suggest having a look at the amazing Steam Guide that was made for this very purpose.
I will not be copy pasting the whole Steam Guide,
it was made with love and care and is really the perfect description of the mod and everything contained within.

You can see the guide here :

Also note that some options are currently NOT available in ATMA and need to be installed manually.
See the steam guide linked above for
Resolution Fix
Remove Sabin Blitz UI

Alternative to Black Sidebars
Pseudo Full-Screen
Other Font Replacement options
... and many more custom sprites

You can also join the the VG Research & Modding Discord Group with this link here :

To Install (readme has more information) :
Be sure to extract BOTH the AtmaWeapon.exe AND Urls.ini in the same folder or it will not work.
(Any folder location is fine, but depending on your computer or if running from the C:\ drive you might need to run as Admin)
Run AtmaWeapon.exe and select the desired preset.
(The Reshade version included in Atma has not been updated for a while so you might want to uncheck that one if you encounter any errors or issues)

Custom Installtion (For now) :
You can click "SKIP TO TOOLS" and only put the game in modding mode,
Then you can manually open the Urls.ini, download whichever mods you want,
then manually put them in your ff6/obb/folder
That way you can create your own version however you desire.

To Uninstall :
Atma is made with Advanced Installer and can be uninstalled like any other software.
You might want to do a "verify file integrity" with Steam to make sure you revert the game to its original form.

CREDITS for this amazing mod compilation :
(if we ever forget anyone let us know and we'll update immediately)

Modding made possible by : Maki and RiverNyxx

esn23/Bathory, kvg198x - Created most of the content for AWR and NOS.
Kafzielkvg198x and Saftle - Created most of the content for Classic.

Some other KEY contributors in alphabetic order:
Ark / Manakaiser, FireHawkX, jObEfiSH, jshackles, kOSTIKsAINT, Krisan Thyme, madsiur, TiresomeTeddybear

Creators of the Atma Installer :
Saftle, Nino and HawkX

ALSO, thanks to:
Fenix Ark Angelus, Reecca Tripp, Time Rock Rochestra, Sshcafi1 Pontus
Hultgren, IndigalaGames, ChrystalChameleon, Malcom Robinson Music, Jake
Bowkett Oryphes, Kunning Fox, Furukaba, eiko Ishiwata, Videogame Music
Remixes, TamXMusic, James Chin The Second Narrator, Dracula9AntiChapel,
Dream House Opera, Adam Chandler, armorvil, lohweo, Pharohmone, The
Psynergist, tako8smidiroom and Enrico Eiana.