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This mod modifies and recolors the sprites of the mayor bosses for consistency with previous games and restores the SNES sprites of those that were shrunk for the GBA port.

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! This mod will not work without a custom UnityPlayer.dll !

This mod recolors the sprites of the Four Fiends, Golbez and Zemus with the Brave Exvius colors trying to improve its appareance, including the bestiary sprites. It also restores the SNES sprites of Rubicante, Golbez and Zemus that were shrunk for the FFIV Advance port with the same shading style as the GBA sprites.

- Backup the following files that can be found on "FINAL FANTASY IV PR\FINAL FANTASY IV_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64":
- Download the UnityPlayer.dll linked in the requirements, extract it and place the .dll in the root folder of the game ("Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IV PR") replacing the original file.
- Download, extract and replace the files on the "FINAL FANTASY IV PR" folder.

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This mod does not include any fonts. To download custom fonts, view the Font Modding Guide and Index by @fugsnarf

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by @fugsnarf