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My top 9 final fantasy 15 mods for the month of June. This is more an excuse to showcase some of my favorite mods of the past month, heavily edited and I hope you like it. Enjoy!

*** Mods Reviewed ***

Samus Zero Suit by MicroKnightmare
LIS Max Caulfield by SepticSpoon
Nontendo Zapper by jampenaattori
Squall FF8 Outfit by Jazneo
Vibranium Shield by killerakx
Hylian Shield by AgustinZero1
Chef Ignis Outfit by Kyriya
Crimson Avenger by Raine
Sai by Wizerd of Goz
Gary by youjustgotgoobed

All mods can be found on the Steam Workshop

*** Music ***

Battle music from Final Fantasy 8, composed by Nobuo Uematsu

*** Intro // Outro ***

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  1. TheRedFury
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    Except non of these mods are available to non steam users...
    1. thenanopirate
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      A pain I know too well. Maybe one day they'll be uploaded here