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You find a cinematic showcase here of the best Final Fantasy XV Mods. Since the Mod Organizer was introduced, people went crazy. Here are the results.

*** Mods Shown ***
LIS Max Caulfield by SepticSpoon (Life is Strange)
DOA Marie Rose by Ruriruri17
Cursed Thomas the Tank Engine by BesuBaru
Fusionsword by Killarakx
Gunblade by Mazhaa
Twinblade by Raine
Hyperion by Raine
Masamune by Raine
Cloud's Buster Sword by theJojoNetwork
Cloud Replacement for Noctis by Mazhaa

All mods are available on the Steam Workshop

*** Music ***

Dead or Alive 2 soundtrack
Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack
Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack
Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack

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