Skywind is coming to Nexus Mods

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Today, we’re excited to announce that Skywind, the project that is re-imagining The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in the Skyrim Creation Engine, is coming to the Nexus!

In the past, Nexus discussion on the project has been moderated due to Bethesda’s stance that exchanging assets between their titles is not a situation they can condone or legally support. So for the past three years, the Skywind developers have been working tirelessly to rectify this by creating brand-new models, textures, heightmaps and audio. Literally hundreds of volunteers and more than an estimated hundred-thousand hours have gone into meeting this requirement.

The results are stunning, to say the least. Due to the incredible amount of work that's gone into recreating Morrowind from scratch, we are now able to happily support this project along with Bethesda. If you’re just now hearing about it or if you need a refresher, then please check out their latest developer video, “The Making of Skywind IV”. It’s a fantastic look at 4 years of hard work and a testament to the dedication of the team.

Much like modders have made all Elder Scrolls games the long-lasting successes that they are, the Skywind developers are hoping that the modding heroes here at the Nexus will join their ranks to become part of the team building Skywind as well. There are many varied openings for contributors, representing a wide range of skill-sets that I’m sure many of you who are reading this can fulfill.

Though there is no release date for Skywind yet, with your support we can help them achieve this ambitious endeavor. Every contribution is a step towards this goal, so if you think you might have some time and skills to offer, please visit them at the TES Renewal Project website and fill in the volunteer form to get started!

As it nears release, Skywind will be treated as its own title here at the Nexus. We’ll be opening forums and file repositories specific to Skywind with the intention that past and future great Skyrim mods can be built or patched to work within the updated framework that Skywind will offer. More info on that later. For now, be sure to check out their site and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any progress.

So get out there, contribute, and make us proud. Have a good one!


  1. DoctorKaizeld
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    knew they would do it. glad to hear it is coming
  2. HadToRegister
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    I welcome the new graphics etc, but will mourn the loss of some game mechanics such as being able to fight underwater and cast spells underwater etc

    It made for some fun times casting burden on someone who was swimming trying to kill me
    1. Nurgeard
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      Thats why we have mods ma dude !
  3. vornex65
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    A little late for the party, but hit me on the kneecap and call me a skeleton because I am dying of happiness right now
  4. chypres89
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    Awesome !
  5. Radiarch
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    Excellent! I'm holding out my first Morrowind playthrough for Skywind. Can't wait!
  6. sskkooommaa
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  7. rougeshot
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    I'm looking forward to playing Morrowind again, my first Elder Scrolls game ever.
  8. cplirby
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    AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Bridgitte01
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    sorry but I really don't want to go reading through everything below - just a quick question, with SE out will this mod/DLC be put on hold - and when can we expect it to come out?

    Do I need to also have Morrowind installed on my pc? I have the whole combo box from first game of Arena to last, except Dawnguard was bought separately as I think it was the last DLC - but I have not loaded Morrowind or Oblivion and their expansions on - so would I need to?
    1. demondragon42
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      I believe on their website it says you will need all content (original plus DLC) for morrowind and skyrim to run the mod, same goes for the skyblivion mod
  10. Mudran
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    In response to post #35668982. #35669217, #35669442, #35669712, #35670282, #35671002, #35671772, #35671817, #35672302, #35672427, #35672697, #35674332, #35674357, #35674752 are all replies on the same post.


    i LOVE bad voice acting its pretty funny. why do people care so much about immersion?

    My thinking exactly - I love voiceacting of some mods, esp. those funny, not pretending they are professional :p And yes, I actually dislike some voiceacting in some AAA games, that is labelled professional and I tend to really like some voices in some games, that were really criticized as "bad voiceacting". 
    Btw I really liked voiceacting of 3dnpc - all of them really great.
    1. GinaN
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      @ GX240
      What a genius you are! You should go write letters to everyone who reviews restaurants and tell them "They didn't create that recipe just for you, therefore you're not allowed to evaluate the quality of the food." You should demand a stop to movie reviews as well. Why don't you go over to IMDB and RottenTomatoes and tell everyone that they shouldn't be allowed to review anything. It'll keep you busy at least.

      The big difference is that we pay for restaurants and movies.