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"Pure Light for FFXV" is a Reshade Preset created to make the game look more cinematic while also giving a bit of a "photorealistic" feel.

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Some of the features of this preset:
  • Slighty altered color palette (less yellow) for a more cinematic feel (and a deeper blue sky on sunny days).
  • Darker shadows & improved ambient light (e.g. darkens places which are not well lit) for a more realistic feel.
  • Sharper textures. This preset reduces the blurriness FFXV has due to antialiasing.
  • Higher luminance of the sun: the sun feels more powerful and objects which are illuminated by the sun are brighter.
  • The nights are slighty darker,  light sources during nights appear slighty brighter. 
  • Enhanced reflections on objects like rocks.
  • You can toggle the border with F3 in case you don't like it.

  • Download the zip file under the files section and extract its content into the FFXV games folder (located at ./Steam/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY XV). 
  • For the activation of this preset you need to put the game in borderless mode. Press "Shift + F2" to open the Reshade Menu. IMPORTANT: you need to "Alt + Tab" out of the game and return to it in order to access your mouse while the Reshade menu is active! 
  • Now activate the preset by selecting the "Pure Light.ini" from the drop down list.
  • Now the preset should be active and can be toggled with the "Scroll Lock" Key.
  • I recommend setting "filtering" to low in the graphics settings. My full graphics settings are listed below under "performance".


Delete the files "dxgi.dll", "dxgi.ini", "Pure Light.ini" and the folder "reshade-shaders" from your FFXV games folder.

Performance & Graphics Settings:
The hit on performance depends on the hardware. On my system (GTX 1080, Intel i7 6700, 16 GB Ram) the fps-hit varies between 5 and 15 fps. Here are my graphics settings for FFXV with which I created the preset and took the screenshots: 

  • Resolution: 100%
  • Assets: On (primary because of the increased grass density that comes with the texture pack)
  • Model LOD: High
  • TRAM: Highest
  • Anisotropic Filtering: High
  • Geomapping: Off  (there are only a few places where I even notice the effect so I turned it off for better performance)
  • Lighting: High (Highest doesn't look better IMO but slightly decreases performance)
  • Shadows: Highest for the best look. But setting Shadows to High instead of Highest can increase fps drastically in some areas.
  • Ambient Occlusion: High
  • Anti-aliasing: TAA
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Filtering: Low (this just adds filters to the image which I don't like and which costs fps)
  • NVIDIA HairWorks: On
  • NVIDIA VXAO: Off (some places appear too dark with VXAO and this preset activated at the same time)  
  • NVIDIA TurfEffects: On (I really like the look of the grass with this effect activated)
  • NVIDIA ShadowLibs: Off


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