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This mod give FFXV players the possibility to modify monsters and bosses' stats globally, unlock max level, and set an EXP multiplier.

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[Cheat Engine TABLE]

Steam Build ID used for tests : 2608454 

You need to use cheat engine in order to use that table

Works on NG and NG+

Since Final Fantasy XV NG+ available in the game was not going to high in term of numbers, it is a bit disapointing when you are high level and want more challenge, so this mod is made to give us the possibility to modify the stats of the enemy globally and make the game harder, but also unlock the maximum level to 999. You can now multiply the amount of XP you received (thanks to squall8).



- Max HP
- Physical Power
- Magical Power
- Physical Resistance
- Magical Resistance

The multiplier can be a decimal value, 1.5 is a good value for a NG+1, if you're using Basic NG+ I would advise you to not go too high

This mod comes with 2 modes :

- Basic NG+ : you enter only one value, a global multiplier, and all the stats are going to be multiply
       by this value.

- Custom NG+ : you can set a multiplier for any stats and tweak them as wanted.



- Level cap is raised to 999 when a mod is used

- You can now set an EXP multiplier At Rest


- Reload a save if you change a stat multiplier while you're playing

Make a backup save if you want to keep a clean one

Hope some people will have fun with it :)

It seems not compatible with the DEV build, since I don't have it I can't really do anything on my own.

Supposed to fix issues from the previous version:
- Script was not working against some story bosses
- Script was modifying Noctis' stats
I tried on a new game, on a new game +, in different chapters, against Ifrit, and in the training part at a campfire and it works well for me.
Hopefully it will resolved issues for everyone, otherwise I will try something else.

- You can now unlock the level cap to 999 in your mod options after activating a mod
- You can now set an EXP multiplier At Rest
Thanks to Squall8 for letting me use his EXP multiplier code, you can check his amazing cheat engine Table here

[UPDATE V2.2.1 - Alternative ]
- Supposed to fix issue with playable characters' stats getting modified by the stat multiplier for people still having this issue.
Use it on a clean save where you don't have this problem.