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Music swaps for the main game that shuffles around some of the pieces and removes those that in my opinion do not suit the game's overall tone or break consistency with the overall OST.

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NB! For those who don't want for Somnus to be playing at camp, don't copy the 20000music folder in the resources folder and only proceed with merging the 20000music2 with your folder

You can find a video sample of this conversion bellow:

This is a music overhaul for the main game inspired by Shigu's (https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy15/mods/28) as well as Terranort's (https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy15/mods/30) OST swaps. 

Only affects the main game and doesn't intervene with the intended story scenes or directed sequences.

Unlike Shigu's mod, this one is more vanilla-friendly with most battle tracks remaining intact while some of them have been changed to more intense tracks.

Some of the areas are still void of music (Chocobo Ranch, Galdin, Wanderlust theme, etc) so please back up your existing files/folders before making any changes in case you don't like everything. 

To install the mod, simply unzip the "resources" folder and place it in your game directory which for me is Steam -> steamapps -> common -> FINAl FANTASY XV -> datas -> sound.