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High-fidelity world map recreated without upscaling. (16,384 x 10,012)

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Rinual's World Map

This is a manual / old-school version of this mod. Flagrum mods and Curseforge are the current home for all modern Final Fantasy mods, however it was requested to make a manual installation version for those who cant run Flagrum.

This is a no upscale 16k resolution world map. The game's mini-map tiles are 1k squares, giving a much more detailed close up of the environment than the world map. This mod utilizes those tiles, downscaling them to fit the maximum resolution the game will handle and redraws all map attributes missing from the mini-map such as names and roads. This changes both the regular and masked versions of the world map allowing for the maximum resolution version of both versions of the world map. The mod also features a new compass rose to replace the generic one that launches with the game.
16,384 x 10,012 - Maximum map resolution the game / engine will handle. All roads, trails and paths have been redrawn by hand. 

Fully uncompressed, the map would be closer to 35k
I've also replaced the map to Altissia, though the effects will be less noticeable.

Two versions exist, the standard map replacement, and a version as an optional file to remove fog of war.

Only one version of the mod can be installed at a time, so choose between the main file or the optional file that offers to remove the fog
of war. 

To install:

Extract contents of the zip to the game directory: i.e.`[path to your team directory]\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas`
accept overwrites when prompted. (if no overwrite was prompted, double check the end file went to the correct directory)

For troubleshooting file locations, only two files need to be replaced

  • [Path]\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\menu\main_map\swf\autoexternal.earc - Compas Rose
  • [Path]\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\menu\main_map\image\autoexternal.earc - Map Files

Automatic install versions for Flagrum. 


Rinual's Mod Menu - A carefully curated collection of mods, all neatly packed into one intuitive menu. Effortlessly tweak weather,
manage guests, apply cheats, customize Regalia, and more

God Mod (Flying)

Wiz Christmas Post - Fan made Christmas themed DLC

Quick Boot Suite

Open World Warp Points

Unlocked Guest Characters

I have over 30 other mods personally and 75 newly made mods across the site for the new era of Final Fantasy XV Modding, all on curseforge.

Flagrum Supports Automatic installation, file management and prevents file corruption by never modifying files directly *Version 1.5.12+ required  Guide for new users