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Replace boss themes with original Omnis Lacrima from Versus XIII

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I wanted to play with the original Omnis Lacrima from Versus XIII, but the only mod I found had a really poor audio quality and low volume, so I decided to create the mod by myself.

The original file was in FLAC 16 bits (44khz) and its the original release version of a Yoko Shimomura album, so the quality its good.

I also raised the volume 3db (because it was low compared to other bgm in-game) and created a loop that fits really well so dont worry about that.


1. Choose a file to download based on the bgm you want to replace:

Horrors of the Night: night bosses theme and Insomnia battle theme.

Omnis Lacrima: regular boss theme.

2. Open the zip file and place the "datas" folder in the game root folder, located in "Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV". When the system asks if you want to replace the folder, do so. Dont worry, this will not affect other aspects of the game in any way.

P.S. The “backup” folder contains the original bgm file, in case you want to go back to it. Just follow the step above.