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Enables metric system for English version of the game

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Q:What does this mod do?
A: It forces the game to treat english localization as metric system specific so all distance,speed,weight calculations are based on International System of Units (meters, grams, km/h, etc)

Q:Why are there 2 versions?

A:Lite version contains only the patcher application which will force the game to use metrics system for english language, however all units will still display imperial text (ft, lb, mp/h, etc). To change text you need to download full version of the mod.

Q:Will it work with future updates for the game?

A:Most likely yes, unless Square changes executable too much. Bear in mind the mod will have to be reapplied after each update (and strings might get outdated if given game update adds new text to the game).

Q:Which versions of the Windows Edition will this work with?

A:Primarily this was made with Steam version in mind, it SHOULD work with Origin
version just fine. As for Windows Store version - i make no guarantees

Installation and usage:
Unpack ImperialUnitsBGone.exe to your main Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition
installation directory (same folder where ffxv_s.exe is), run the app and follow instructions on screen.
If you ever choose to unpatch your executable you can either re-run the application or remove
ffxv_s.exe and rename ffxv_s.exe.bak to ffxv_s.exe

Same as above but also overwrite your datas folder with one from the .zip file.

If you wish to use this mod with Ansel block remover patch - apply the Ansel patch before this one.