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Removes the DLC items added by default in the Royal Edition of the game.

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What this is:
This mod removes the DLC items that can't be disabled in the Royal Edition of FFXV otherwise.
This includes weapons such as the Ragnarok, armor such as the Magitek Exosuit, as well as key items such as the one that lowers hotel rooms and fuel prices by 50%.
This does not include radio tracks, this does not include DLC quests (the pink-coloured entries), and does not affect the rewards you get from the DLC sidequests you can enter from the main menu (Ignis, Gladio, Prompto).
Note: The mod works by breaking the mechanism that adds DLC items to your inventory. It does not remove DLC from existing saves.

How to use it:
Place the FFXV_NoDLC.exe file from the zip in the same folder as ffxv_s.exe.
Download Memory.dll, and place it in the same folder.
Launch FFXV_NoDLC.exe in Admin mode.

A black console window will launch. Press Enter to start deleting DLC data.
When using Steam, you will have to manually find and enter the "process ID" first.
You can find it by opening your Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), going to the Details tab, and finding the number listed next to "ffxv_s.exe".

Removing DLC data is temporary, it will be back next time you start FFXV. You'll have to use this tool on every launch to keep it away.

It's flagged as dangerous on Nexus, so I can't upload it here. Makes sense, considering it's directly modifying your computer's memory.
The mod needs to be able to read your computers memory for this to work, so it requires admin access. Please do not use this program if you feel like you can't trust it!

How it works:
Normally whenever you enter a load screen, the game will check for any missing DLC items in your inventory and add them.
What this mod does is find the "source data" for the DLC items and overwrite it with zeroes.
That means whenever the game tries to push its DLC items in your inventory, it will simply not add anything.
It also means that this mod does not delete already existing DLC items, and it also means that if you start the game without this tool, the DLC items will be added anyway.

I am not an avid modder and I'm not entirely sure how Nexus works, apologies in advance if something does not work.
Please let me know so I can try to fix it. Otherwise, have fun!