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  • First Release

    I hope someone will enjoy the mod ^^...

  • Rem cosplay

    "it is an early vision of Rem Cosplay mod, because there are still some small broken skins but they do not influence a lot. That mod including an edited Au Ra number five haircut and now texture for housemaid's apron dress, pumps and brim, the arm is a new texture for thavnairian armlets. The mode of apron dress is basic on the Mod of Pinsbroke:shout housemaid's apron dress. Sorry that the bloomers is not including in that Mod Because it does not work, I am still looking for some way to fix them with help of @Rei "


  • Blue Tongues for Female Raen is here

    I always thought it was pretty ridiculous that male Raen characters get to have blue tongues and female Raen do not, so this mod rectifies that (similar to the dark sclera mod for Xaela). Now you too can live out your dreams of being a giant skink and/or chow chow.

    As noted, this mod applies to all four player character faces, and each can be individually applied if you just want a blue tongue for your specific character (or someone else's). It also features blue tongues for the two elderly NPC face models, the two child NPC face models, and Yugiri Mistwalker's unique Raen face model. I do not believe this applies to the Ruby Princess, as at the time of publishing TexTools is not a viable tool for editing monster textures....

  • Ultima Horn

    we really need dyeable ver. :)...