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An updated version of the Thicclander Smaller Chest for Midlanders by Mizukun for The Body 2.0

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Note: Type M is fully compatible with The Body SE or 2.5 textures; it's only a different torso shape. If you want to use your current mods to be compatible with Viera Boys, just backup your current mods, install the Body SE (and / or Reds SE Body Type Edits) and then install your own mods again. TB 2.5 Type 3 - Hunk Textures work most similar to the preview pics.

- IVCS Update: Now also with IVCS biceps support. No hair layer.
- 1.1 Update: I've updated the arms to use The Body SE tech for better elbow movement, the torso is 100% the same. Still has the hair layer, though this is only update on a best effort basis. I recommend using 2.5 / SE for body hair.

This mod is an updated version of the Thicclander Smaller Chest for Midlanders by Mizukun for The Body 2.0 by Tsar, since the TB 1.5 version was my favorite body mod for midlander-based races so far. I dubbed it Type M because Thicclander with smaller chest for midlanders 2.0 would've been a mouthful.

It replaces the torso of midlander-based races, previews found under images. Highlander torsos are not affected by this mod. Bottoms, hands, feet etc. are also not affected and should be compatible. There are comparison images for type 3 and type 5.

It should be completely compatible with The Body 2.0:

  • Hair Layer
  • Asymmetry
  • Uses TB 2.0 textures

I didn't encounter any issues myself with seams or body hair (though I don't normally use that, so there might be some) - though if you encounter anything, please let me know.

Be aware that this mod will never receive the same support in form of modded content that the original TB2.0 body types receive. I will port my own content with time, but mainstream will always be Type 1-5, especially Type 2.

Thanks also to SineaterLust for some final tests. :)