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1400+ textures enhanced using AI software and personal adjustments.
Every hair, Tail, and beard has been Defined.

Permissions and credits

Hair Defined (v.3) is a complete Hair overhaul of the entire games Hair texture files.
  • 1400+ Textures in hair alone
  • 2100+ textures between Hair, Tails, Eyebrows, Eyelashes and beards.
  • With the use of AI Machine learning technologies each texture was dynamically scaled up 4x native
  • Manual touch-ups to textures thanks to mainly by "BIZU" for creating a normal map template brush.

HD(v3) is a spiritual sucessor to HD Hairworks. It is in all of it's capacity the definitive final version and possible upgrade outside of manually, Hand re-drawing every texture. (Which is way more work than I could find myself wanting to put into a mod I'm sorry.)

The original HD Hairworks 2 took 2 months to create, And this while being more than double thanks to the help of my wife and some automation tools (Macros primarily) I was able to actually create this mod in under 3 weeks.

Thanks to BIZU and my drawing talents I was able to by hand touch up some individual textures when needed. This was used few and far between the norm because it was and is quite time consuming to still get right.

4x scale was used to dynamically upscale the textures instead of a fixed resolution to prevent any necessary bloat. At this scale MOST hair textures would be 2040x2040 while smaller Hair accessories would only be 256x256 Still 4x their base but not a useless amount more.  This also gives native 4K players and even 1440p a visual upgrade still when they play.

The point of HD(v3) was to fix mistakes made with Hairworks, Offer better graphics and try to fix the "Pixelation" artifacts that hair tends to get. An example of this horrible artifacting is shown here. (Taken from a screen cap of the new official FFXIV Viera video)

HD3 is very large to download and may cause performance issues.

4GB VRAM GPU, 8GB system RAM, and a HDD that can keep up 80mbps(reads) is required.
  • Slow HDDs will crash the game not being able to load these textures in fast enough and the game freaks out.
  • Not enough VRAM or RAM will lead to major performance issues or crashing.

Before an update to FFXIV, Make sure you backup your mods and use the "help" > "Start Over"  button to clean your index for the next update.
  • It's a good idea to do this anytime there's an update or even server maintenance. Failing to do so could corrupt your index files and in worse cases force a re-download of the game to fix.

[DX11 Crashing]

Disable all mods.
Help > Restart
Double check that the game works on vanilla. Indexs might have been corupted.

[if corrupted indexs]= Find the latest clean indexs from TexTools Discord or redownload your game entirely. (Always make manual backups don't always let TexTools do it for you.)

[If game works]= Proceed to install my HD3 packs however you like.
After done check Help>Look for problems
If all good, You can continue to install any mods you had Or just play the game.

If errors persist= ???? I have no clue it might be an error with TexTools or the download might have gotten corrupted.

  1. Download the pack or packs you have chosen based on your specific system and what you'd like to use.
  2. Download TexTools and make sure to go through the process of setting that up and making backups of your index files. (Automatically done by TexTools)
  3. Inside TexTools click the "Mods" button in the top left and then "Import modpack" Find the .ttmp of the downloaded file/s you picked and chose them 1 at a time.
  4. You'll be given an import screen to confirm the files to import. Click "Ok" to continue and finish the import.
  5. Congrats! The mod/s are installed. Feel free to fire up the game and have fun~

Will I be banned for this?
  • No. Client-Side modifications are not detectable by SQUARE-ENIX at the time of creating and publishing this mod.
I think I found a broken texture, How can I help in that report?
  • If possible take a screenshot and make a report on this page with a link to it. I can determine which hair it is from there.
The hair looks really sharp I don't like it.
  • Don't use it then sadly. A biproduct of downsampling is often higher sharpness in textures You can also try to adjust ReShade settings if applicable.
I have an idea on how to improve the textures
  • Let's discuss it in the comments section here! I'd love to get more ideas on how to *GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!!!!*
My game crashes on startup.
  • Consider visiting the TexTools or XIV modding discords. We have plenty of members to help, Alternatively follow the Uninstallation process above and try again.
I hate you.
  • I hate you too.
I love you.
  • I maybe love you too.

SQUARE-ENIX for publishing and creating the original textures and FINAL FANTASY XIV

NVIDIA for their AI API's and technology

BIZU on the TexTools discord for creating a normal map brush template to touch-up manually some textures.
Dricent for the help in exporting and importing textures.

Making this mod and this mod series over the last year has been incredibly time consuming and somewhat financially as well. The API's and software used were bought to create this and I'm a freelance artist by trade. If you enjoyed my work and would like to throw a tip then I thank you greatly and I'm so happy my work was worth it to you