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Conversion of the lalafell Face Mask to other races.

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Conversion of Strawberry's lalafell Face Mask to other races. It's applied to every race other than hrothgar, and includes 12 different colour choices. The shape of the mask is different depending on the race to reflect their differing ear configurations.

⚠ Note that despite the preview pictures in the installer this mod does NOT include the lalafell version. Check the original mod for that.
⚠ Install the original mod BEFORE this mod if you are installing both, otherwise the original one will overwrite this one.

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  • Bomb Earring

  • Midlander
  • Highlander
  • Miqo'te
  • Elezen
  • Roegadyn
  • Au Ra
  • Viera

  • Unisex

  • face
  • face mask
  • mask