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Get your old, sharp, gunblades back! This mod replaces the blunt-sounding 1-2-3 combo and 1st-tier AoE sound effects with the old 5.0 sound effects that sound SHARP!!

Permissions and credits
Sharpen those gunblades!

This is a mod that simply replaces the sound effects for certain gunbreaker skills to their original patch 5.0 sound effects.

The sound effects changed are:
  • Keen Edge
  • Brutal Shell
  • Solid Barrel
  • Demon Slice

I felt that the basic 1-2-3 combo was really done dirty, and the new SFX were more like a club than a sharp cutting instrument, so I replaced those with the original 5.0 sound effects. I also thought the original 1st-tier AoE skill sounded better, so I replaced that too. The rest of the sound effects sound pretty good to me, or in some cases better than the 5.0 originals, so I left those alone.

I have been using and updating this mod for my personal enjoyment for a long time, I have simply decided that I would share it now in case others might enjoy it. Please understand that I won't be making other versions of this mod with more or less of the 5.0 sound effects. Once I figured out exactly which sounds I liked, I only backed up those sounds. I have long since lost my original 5.0 data files, so I no longer have access to the old sound effects that I did not save.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that modifies the "070000.win32.index" file.

To install this mod:
  1. Find your install directory and open the "game\sqpack\ffxiv" folder.
  2. In that folder, back up "070000.win32.index" by renaming it and adding a ".bak" at the end. PLEASE DO THIS STEP. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. You will need this backup to restore your game to vanilla later on when a new game patch comes out.
  3. Now extract the mod archive contents into this folder.

To uninstall this mod:
  1. Find your install directory and open the "game\sqpack\ffxiv" folder.
  2. In that folder, delete the files "070000.win32.dat2" and "070000.win32.index"
  3. While still in that folder, now rename your backup index file from "070000.win32.index.bak" to "070000.win32.index"

You must uninstall this mod every time there is a game patch! Follow the uninstall procedure before you open the launcher when there has been a game patch.

This is necessary because of how this mod works. A whole lot of sound effects are packed together in just a few files and the index file tells the game where to find a sound effect. Whenever a new game patch adds (or removes) sounds from these files, their index changes, so using a version of this mod that isn't up-to-date could lead to weird things like certain sound effects being wrong, missing completely, or game crashing.

That means I will have to update this mod every time there is a patch. Please be patient. I hate the post-5.0, blunt-sounding, GNB sound effects and can't stand playing the class at all with them -- so you can rest assured that I'll usually get the mod updated on patch day.

Tools used:
FFXIV Explorer