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eden ULTIMA for FFXIV. "The" RTGI graphics mod for Final Fantasy XIV.
Powered by SIA, developed by Seifu.

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· M O D   D E S C R I P T I O N ·

Eden Ultima is a ridiculously large and polished graphics overhaul for Final Fantasy XIV. The mod is hooked to ReShade's dxgi.dll in order to function in a non-intrusive way, so it's safe to use for usual online play with no risk of ban. Some of its main features:

  • This mod is powered by SIA.
  • Supports modular installation: everything can be tweaked and turned on/off in a very user-friendly way.
  • Lighting tweaks and improvements.
  • The first FFXIV mod to implement free ssRTGI.
  • Dynamic depth of field explicitly designed for gameplay.
  • Subtle texture sharpening (mainly designed for 2K and 4K displays).
  • Color balances, corrections and overall ambience improvements.

NOTE: this is the first 1.0 release of this mod, keep an eye on this mod page for hotfixes and further updates. The mod has been tested by friends and patrons these past months, so everything should work flawlessly, but keep an eye on this page and report any bugs if possible so they can be addressed.

· M O D   R E Q U I R E M E N T S ·

These are the applications needed to run this mod, make sure you install them all properly, as the mod won't be able to get installed nor work properly if you don't have (or incorrectly installed) any of these applications!:
  • At least 2.5GB of free disk space on your main Windows disk drive.
  • The mod will use the temp folder to unpack the mod files and move them to your game's folder.   
  • .NET 6.0 or greater (previously known as .NET Framework).
  • If you own a Windows computer and play video games on it, chances are you already have this.If you use a Linux PC, I assume you already know what you are doing and do know how to execute .NET scripts. 
  • ReShade Full Addon Version.
  • Required for the mod to actually run.

Both requirements count with pretty easy to run installer, just do your usual "next, next, next... Install" and you'll be good to go! You'll find download links for both applications on this mod's requirements (just try to download Eden Ultima, a pop up window will appear with the download links).

· H O W   T O   I N S T A L L ·

Make sure you have .NET 6 (or greater) before you start this process. There is no need of reinstalling GShade if you already have it, but I'd suggest you do a clean install if you face any issues while installing the mod, as it's a good troubleshooting practice. Let's begin!

  1. Download and install ReShade (Full Addon Support).
  2. · Head to ReShade official site.
    · Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Download ReShade X.X.X with full add-on support".
    · Run ReShade installer and select your "ffxiv_dx11.exe", found on "(your ffxiv installation directory)/game" folder.
    · Install all effect packages except "VR Tools" and "Legacy Shaders" when prompted.
    [!] Make sure your shaders folder is called "reshade-shaders".

  3. Download and install the GShade compatibility patch.
  4. · Download the GShade Compatibility Patch for ReShade.
    · Extract the zip file content next to your "ffxiv_dx11.exe", on the game directory.

  5. Download and Install eden Ultima.
  6. · Download the latest version of "ULTIMA - Installer".
    · Run Ultima Installer.
    · Follow the installation instructions prompted on the installer and tweak the mod to your liking.
    · Enjoy!

Please, let me know if you encounter any issues or difficulties on the installation process so I can address it as soon as possible so other users don't face the same problem as you! Also check out the first 2 or 3 pages of the posts section before commenting, just in case someone has pointed it out already.

· H O W   T O   U N I N S T A L L ·

Eden ULTIMA is installed inside your usual GShade directories, so in order to uninstall the mod you'll have to uninstall GShade itself. Don't worry as it's easy to do, just delete these files and directories:

  1. Delete "gshade-presets" folder.
  2. Delete "dxgi.dll".
  3. Delete "GShade.ini".
  4. Done!

Maybe check out Eden ULTIMA from time to time. It's an ever evolving mod, so even if you don't like it "as it is", chances are you may enjoy some of the changes to come in the future!

· F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S ·

Is ReShade addon the same thing as GShade?
It works in a very similar way. GShade was a custom ReShade build with an unlocked depth buffer, which is exactly what you are downloading here, so it is as safe (or unsafe) to use as GShade.

Why ReShade instead of GShade?
ReShade is open source, more stable, has a more qualified team of developers and it doesn't include malwares, GShade does.

Can I get banned for using ReShade?
While Square Enix has never banned any player for using post-processing APIs like ReShade or GShade (which are, again, the same thing), Yoshi-P has stated in numerous occasions he don't want people to mod the game. That's the situation so far: they don't like it, but they are not banning.

Why does my PC says you are an untrusted developer?

Because in order to become a "trusted developer", a license is required. Said licenses are very pricy and subscription based, just completely out of reach for someone like me, who just shares these kinds of works for free as a hobby.

How can I change some of the settings I chose when I installed the mod?
Run the installer again, it will automatically overwrite your previous settings.

What if I want to install multiple instances of the same preset?
You shouldn't be doing so if you are not an experience shader user. If you are though, just rename the preset to something different, as the installer will only overwrite the already existing one if its existence is preventing the new file from being written. So, if you are trying to install (for example) two "eden ULTIMA [vanilla]"s, just rename the one you already installed to something like "eden ULTIMA [vanilla2]" and run the installer to make it write the new instance.

Will this mod receive more updates?
Yes, I never drop support for my mods, in fact this mod was actually published back in 2019 and has never stopped receiving support since then, even though I'm involved in bigger development projects :')

· S U P P O R T   M Y   W O R K ·

I'm spending a ton of hours here to make these absurdly polished mods, this is time I could be using to work on freelance requests, but I actually enjoy making mods for my favorite games and actually sharing them for free. I actually need a bit of help with that, so every form of support is super appreciated!

I also publish W.I.P. versions of my mods (for free) on my Patreon and also publish (not free) status updates about how my developments are doing and when they'll be available, so check my Page from time to time even if you are not planning on spending money on Patreon! :')