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Turns Au Ra into elfs

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Turns female Au Ra into a new Elf Type race.

Use this in conjunction with your preferred scaleless body type~!

**Note:** This mod should not interfere with any scaleless based makeups as all scaleless faces use MY base.

*I have kept this personal edit to Au Ra personal for the better half of 2 years now. It was time I shared it.*

**Install Instructions**


▫️ Install preferred scaleless body mod
▫️ Install Elf-Ra
▫️ Install Face 2 hotfix (In the main modpack its broke hard I think and it wont fix itself)

*Penumbra Priority*

▫️ Body mode (scaleless)
▫️ Elf-Ra
▫️ Face 2 hotfix
▫️ Desired Scaleless Makeup mod after

Credit to Illy Does Things for their Tiefling mod found https://www.deviantart.com/illyxiv/art/The-Tiefling-Au-Ra-Overhaul-904205685
And IllyBites found https://www.deviantart.com/illyxiv/art/IllyBites-Modding-Resource-Kit-904199948