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Cleaned up Viera faces improved to 1k resolution.

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Collection of all Viera faces I worked on day 1 of shadowbringers launch instead of playing the actual game. Originally intended to stay among friends I just felt these needed to be released for all to have.

All faces have been cleaned up and remade at 1k resolution (512x1024) from their original resolution of 128x256
Each face has been corrected to remove all those nasty pixels you all hate so much with the added bonus of enhancing your pretty little nose.
Due to the new mod dat size limitations I decided to keep them at 1k so as not to waste any precious mod space.

1.1: Includes brand new baked normal maps adding a higher level of detail to faces.
        Improved lip detail
New improved eye textures included as well.

These faces were worked on in conjunction with my wife while we were correcting the Viera and Hrothgar hair which you can find here!
Hair Defined

For best results please install Hair Defined and Ear Defined hair corrections. For correct skins for the latests 3d body mods please download my skin files located here Viera Vanilla Redux (Warning NSFW content)

Any edits to the faces are permitted to include makup mods, scale adds, resizes whatever. Please shoot me a DM via Discord (Sofie#6877) for permission first or I will ask the mod be removed. 

WARNING: Please avoid downloading any other Viera makeup mod or face mod that claims to be HD. Those are vanilla faces increased in size in PS only.
Feel free to support me if you want! Sofie

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