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Upscale of all chara/equipment. Requires penumbra.

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Upscale of all chara/equipment.  Requires penumbra.

Kofi **rattles tip jar**

Comes in three versions:
  • 4x - Contains 4x multi and normal maps. Highest quality but about 58GB unpacked.
  • 2x - Contains 2x multi and normal maps. Very good quality and about 17GB unpacked.
  • Recommended - The version I personally use. 2x version of head, hands, legs, and feet. 4x version of chest. Good balance of quality and performance.

Pick whatever version makes sense for you.

Unpack into penumbra.

Upscaled Equipment 4x- Kart Equipment 4x
Zipped Folder Size: 3.2 GB
Unpacked Folder Size: 57.8 GB

Upscaled Equipment Recommended - Kart Equipment Recommended
Zipped Folder Size: 12.9 GB
Unpacked Folder Size: 37.4 GB

Upscaled Equipment 2x - Kart Equipment 2x
Zipped Folder Size: 4.3 GB
Unpacked Folder Size: 18.4 GB

Installing Penumbra:

Penumbra Install Guide

TexTools version?


Info for nerds:

  • Cleaned with BC1_smooth2.
  • Upscaled with Lollypop_4x to 4x. (except for normal textures' alpha channel)
  • Downscaled Normal, Specular, and Multi Textures with Lanczos filter to 2x.
  • For Normal Alphas I originally used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize it, but now I use XBR with no blending.