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About this mod

Eyeworks is a custom set of HD eye textures to bring life into the soul of your character.

Includes HD specular, Normal and Catchlight options. More than 150 total options.

Permissions and credits

A collection of over 150  manual individual options to customize your races, genders and variety of eyes.
Upscaled, adjusted and reworked for optimal performance and quality, now all textures are 256x256. 1/4th the size of V3.
Now with Beta Lalafell support!

Why? 1024x1024 is absolute overkill for eyes unless you use CMTools to Super zoom with a 4K output resolution.

Q: Why 256 and not 1024?
A: Even at native 4K with the games default possible zoom (Not being forced closer by Walls) It is imposible for the eye texture pixels to be 1:1 rendered.
1024x1024 while might be crisper, Is in reality a side effect of being downsampled of sorts, and is 8x larger file sizes than 256x256. In the end it felt a smart choice to prioritize quality over quantity.

Q: My game isn't as vibrant! what gives?
A: I use a Gshade's included preset "OMGEorzea" for newer screenshots. Color correction and some better contrast / color.

Q: Can I be banned for using this?
A: No, Modifications are client side. HOWEVER;
Never talk about mods in-game, Never advertise them, Never show screenshots on public media of your name, server etc, While showing modded content.
My wife Sofie was banned because of this final reason.

Q: What is the first rule of mod club?
A: Don't talk about mod club in game ever.

Q: What is the second rule of mod club?
A: Don't ever post screenshots that show names or watermarks that don't belong to you.

Q: My game is crashing!
A: In textools click "help" then "start over" If crashes continue, reinstall game. .dat files are corrupted.

1. Download my Mod pack.  It includes my personal picks for every race and gender.
2. Install using Textools "Import modpack" and select the .ttmp2 file.
3. Confirm to all. And you are done.


1. Open textools and navigate to your race, and Head number. ie; Female AuRa Head type/Face 4.
Category dropdown menu = Character,Face.
"Race" Select = AuRa Female.
"Type" Select = Iris
"TextureMap" Select = Multi

2. On the "Import button" near the bottom select the "..." box.
Navigate to the Raw textures of Eyeworks. ie; "Downloads\Eyeworks Remaster Textures\1 - Humanoids\1 - Anime\"
Choose the texture you wish to use. And select "open"

3. The texture should be imported and you have now modded your Eye texture for that race, gender and face specific option.

4. Do this for the Catchlight option in the "Texture Map" list as well If you want.