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HD Eyeworks gives players 57 optional eye textures for All human races excluding Lalafells.

Textures are more than 8x the original of the game giving players UHD eyes.

Permissions and credits
Eyeworks V3 was created with multiple software tools and manual work using a digital drawing tablet to help clean up rough spots.

Textures were made and then upscaled using AI machine learning process to 1024x1024.  29x the original size of most textures.
This means that even when playing native 4K the eyes will remain crisp and full of detail.

V3 fixes upon the errors made on V2, a Major one being the exporting problem of adding 1 pixel to the H or W of the texture causing crashes.
Another issue fixed is the overall saturation and detail of some textures. Detail remains clear and vibrant with better contrast between the iris and the retina.

V3 includes 57 eye options, Some remastered from V1 and V2 and many new options.

Q: 29x original? Won't that cause some performance issues?
A: No discernible performance issues were able to be noticed. Testing was done in Limsa Lominsa on Balmung mid-day for FPS, and Load times were not affected on a SATA SSD. It's unlikely to affect HDDs either.

Q: My game isn't as vibrant! what gives?
A: I use a custom minimal Stormshade to add color, Clarity and sharpness to the game. (This by standards of Reshade and Stormshade is minimal.)

Q: Can I be banned for using this?
TLDR; Not typically.
Square has no way to detect a CLIENT side modification like these textures as of the time of updating this mod. The only way you could be banned is if you admitted or advertised yourself to modding. (Showing your Player name with mods and or Square Enix's watermark is not a good idea.)

Q: What is the first rule of mod club?
A: Don't talk about mod club in game ever.

Q: What is the second rule of mod club?
A: Don't ever post screenshots that show names or watermarks that don't belong to you.

Q: My game is crashing!
A: A lot of things can cause this, typically After updates to the game. Try reverting mods, Going through the TexTools "help" section.
To prevent this make sure you make a backup of your active mods and make a mod pack. Disable all mods, and then hit "help> restart" to go back to default. THEN you can safely update the game, And re-install your mod pack.

1. Download my Mod pack. 
2. Install using Textools "Import modpack" option.
3. Confirm to all.

Custom options
1. Navigate to Character>Face>   [Race] [Texture Type] [ Asset Number] [ Asset Type]
[Race] Select your race you'd like to edit.   
[Asset Number] Determines the Face you use (For AuRa as an example, Top left is 1, Bottom right is 4.)  Races with clans go into 101-104 to cover these.
[Asset Type] Change this to Iris.
[Texture Type] Change this to Specular then click the Export as DDS.
2. Click the folder icon to the right of the texture file name in TexTools.
3. Decide which texture you want to use and copy it to the Export folder.
4. Copy the entire name of the Exported texture. Then delete it.
5. Paste the name onto the Copied New texture.
6. In TexTools click "Import" and you are now done!

I'd like to apologize and also thank everyone who has used and supported me in this work and these mods.

I know it's taken a year almost to fully update this mod and I truly am sorry. Life has been very hectic and crazy between floods, animals dying and work I just have not had the time or the energy to fix or make anything new for a long time. I hope you can forgive me.

For those who would like to still help and support me to help keep me making more mods a link to donate is in the support button and I am very grateful for even considering it.