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There will be multiple parts to this chapter, due to having to complete side quests to enable faster battles and character stat development. Videos will be long, so check out the chapters to skip forward if you wish. Videos are unedited, in some instances are split and had to be joined up in multiple recordings.Chapter 13 might take some time to upload due to corruption of the video file. Needs to be re-recorded again.

In-game subtitles are enabled, however at some point I will add subtitles to FFXIII videos which adds missing subtitles in battles and in gameplay cutscenes.

Final Fantasy XIII is a science fiction role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles and later for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

When I have completed this game, I will compile a full movie that consists on the entire in-game cutscenes and HD pre-rendered cutscenes.

Playlist: read more about FFXIII lore (Contain spoilers as well): to: KuroPuP: Thread:
Mods used:
Gameplay Difficulty (Hard mode) & Enhancement: Textures (Not completely touching all textures): HD Cutscenes: Character Models: Fix: Sound Fix (usually are very quiet): Weapons: Button Prompts
Crystarium Editor:
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0:00 - 16:52 - Cie’th Mission 10 - Hollow Hope (Class: C)16:52 - 19:52 - Ambling Hollows (Battle) - Cie’th Mission 1019:52 - 33:36 - Cie’th Mission 12 (Obstacle) - Geiseric - the Profane (Class: C)33:36 - 40:58 - Geiseric (Boss Battle) - Cie’th Mission 1240:58 - 54:39 - Cie’th Mission 13 - Eternity Unpromised (Class: C)54:39 - 1:00:01 - Goblin Chieftain (Battle) - Cie’th Mission 131:00:01 - 1:04:41 - Cie’th Mission 17 - A Widow’s Wrath (Class: B)1:04:41 - 1:08:20 - Pulsework Champion (Battle) - Cie’th Mission 171:08:20 - 1:10:51 - Cie’th Mission 14 - Defender of the Flock (Class: C)1:10:51 - 1:13:47 - Familiar Smell (In-game Cutscene)1:13:47 - 1:17:31 - Sahagin (Battle) - Cie’th Mission 141:17:31 - 1:21:51 - Continuing on with the Story1:21:51 - 1:30:43 - A Place for Machinery1:30:43 - 1:31:38 - Similarity with Cocoon (In-game Cutscene)1:31:38 - 1:36:28 - Proceeding Ahead1:36:28 - 1:37:02 - Atmos, the Pulse Fal’Cie (In-game Cutscene)1:37:02 - 1:45:10 - Cie’th Mission 18 - So Close, yet so far (Class: C) + Long Battle1:45:10 - 1:50:41 - Ambling Hollows (Battle) - Cie’th Mission 181:50:41 - 1:51:39 - Saving... (End of Video)(Note: Class represents the difficulty of the mission, D being the easiest, with A being the hardest mission to complete).

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