Final Fantasy XIII
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Improved launcher tool that allows for configuring XIII and XIII-2 and for booting all XIII series games.

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This Launcher allows you to quickly setup your XIII trilogy with settings
going outside of boundaries set by Square in their official launchers

F1 - Load default settings
F2 - Show/hide menu for increasing textbox input limit
Escape - Exit the launcher
Q: Why there's no support for LR settings?
A: Because Squeenix pulled of a stunt and now settings are saved to
a config file in a boolean "Standard/Advanced" manner, leaving absolutely
no way for settings customization whatsoever. Customizing stuff like 
shadow resolution, etc outside their predefined boundaries most likely
will require external tools like GeDoSaTo or hex-editing the executable.
If you wish to manually edit config files for what they're worth, you can
find them in: 
steam/userdata/your steam id/345350/remote/SquareEnix/LightningReturnsFinalFantasyXIII