Final Fantasy XIII
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All music increased to 2.0, in case you don't know most of the musics are on 0.6 and 0.7.

For Japonese file:
1) Extract the "white_imgc.win32.bin" with the ff13tool, drag and drop the file on the "extract_imgc.bat" to extract (PS: "filelistc.win32.bin" needs to be in the same folder to extrack that ok).

2) Extract the BGM 2.0 and copy the "sound" folder to the "sound" folder inside the "white_imgc" folder that you extracted (Path:white_imgc\sound) overwrite the folders and the files.

3) After that drag and drop the "white_imgc.win32.bin" on the "repack_imgc.bat" to repack your file.

For English file:
To Extract the "white_imgu.win32.bin" rename it to "white_imgc.win32.bin", also rename the "filelistu.win32.bin" to "filelistc.win32.bin", that way the ff13tool will extrack those, follow the step by step of the Japonese file, then after you made your changes and repack, rename they back to "filelistu.win32.bin" and "white_imgu.win32.bin".

Special thanks to TGE for the Research, buddycat71 for share it and for tutorial too & Sectus for the ff13tool.