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A version of this mod is now available that is compatible with Krisan Thyme's Nova Chrysalia.  See the Optional Files section.  Each main character has its own download.  Follow the Nova Chrysalia instructions to install the ncmp mod.

New 4.0.0 version uploaded.  Significant changes in the user interface as all models are access through the common batch file:
_FF XIII HD Models+ Install.bat
The first time this batch file is run, if you have an existing installation, it will clean up the old files and compress the model file directory to save space.  This version includes the alternate model as part of the main download.  The "Body Sculpting" and "Lightning Returns to Cocoon" mods should also be updated to work with the new version (4.0.0 or greater), although the older files will not be deleted until the mods are updated.

This mod enables the swapping of models for the main characters.  The primary option is to swap in the high quality (high polygon count) models for all of the characters (Lightning, Fang, Snow, Sazh, Hope & Vanille) which were previously used only for some cut scenes.  In-Game models are significantly improved due to the higher polygon count as well as the higher resolution textures.

Now added in version 3.2.0 are custom models based on the HQ model with even higher polygon counts ("Ultimate Models").  These models have targeted areas where the polygon counts have been significantly increased.  These areas are mostly body parts and some hair and clothing.  Faces were not changed.  5 out of the 6 characters have Ultimate models (only Snow is missing).  The higher poly counts smooth out various model parts as well as providing a more fluid motion to some of the clothing (Lightning's cape for example).  Shadows on these parts are also improved.  There is also no longer any need to cringe at the beginning of the game when watching Sazh climb out of the purge train.  His fingers have been significantly improved.

Update: With version 3.1.0, the main characters visual look is improved even more through increased resolution texture maps (thus the HD in the title).  But first, I'd like to thank user ThereIsNoSyrup for both the idea to improved the textures along with his effort and knowledge in creating the maps included with this mod.  Without his work, this part of the mod would not have been possible. The model swap mod will automatically recognize when an updated texture is available when run and insert it into the game files.  The total number of inserted texture files will be will also be shown for each model.  These improved textures are only available for the HQ versions of the main characters (no alternate models... yet).  To remove or not use the HD textures, just delete or rename the texture\pc directory and rerun the mod.  Visual improvements should be seen in both 1080p as well as 4k.

Additional alternate models are now included in the main download.  Alternate modes are:
Bandaged Snow - model used in Palumpolum
Shirtless Snow - The "Bandaged Snow" model without the bandages.
Rosch (Snow) - Replaces Snow with Yaag Rosch
Raines (Snow)* - Replaces Snow with Cid Raines
Ragnarok (Snow)** - Replaces Snow with Ragnarok (shortened tail)
Deportee Vanille - Vanille in the white Pulse deportee robe
Nora (Vanille) - Replaces Vanille with Nora Estheim
Serah (Lightning)* - Replaces Lightning with Serah, with and without a gunblade.
Lebreau (Lightning) - Replaces Lightning with Lebreau
Rygdea (Lightning) - Replaces Lightning with Rygdea
Gadot (Sazh) - Replaces Sazh with Gadot
Yuj (Fang) - Replaces Fang with Yuj
Jihl (Fang) - Replaces Fang with Jihl Nabaat
Amodar* (Fang) - Replaces Fang with Amodar
Bartholomew (Fang) - Replaces Fang with Bartholomew Estheim
Deportee Hope - Hope in the white Pulse deportee robe
Maqui (Hope) - Replaces Hope with Maqui
  *  Model has moderate clipping issues
  ** Model does not have original animation 

  Unzip the files into a directory of your choice.  Run the batch file "_FF XIII HD Models+ Installer.bat"  If you are going to run this along with "The HD Project" mod, then install both mods in the same directory so they can share extracted game files.  Otherwise the second one to run may not work.

  Snow's HQ model does not support emblems.  The emblems will still function in game, but will not be shown on the back of his coat.
  This mod is compatible with the Hair Color mod if you install both mods in the same directory.  However it only works for with the main characters (and I think Serah).  You will have to reapply the hair color after a swap as that will overwrite the modified hair color.  Always use the newest version of the Hair Color mod for compatibility and bug fixes.
  The models in both the English and Japanese voice files are updated.
  Beginning with version 2.3.5, this mod will work with the Steam versions that only provide Japanese audio files.
  When updating to a newer version, just unzip the new files into the existing mod directory overwriting the existing files.
  If you wish to remove this mod completely, revert all the models back to the original ones before you delete the directory, or problems may result if you use this mod in the future.