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This is an enhancement mod for Final Fantasy XII Winds of Change.

Permissions and credits
-If you want to play the original version. 
Winds of Change(English): Here

Winds of Change is a mod that changes the entire game world, but sadly I think I have gone too far.
This mod is intended to fix all story and glitch errors from Winds of Changes cutscenes, returning faithful to FF XII.

-The mod has been 100% tested (except the Trial).
However there may still be small errors that I didn't realize, the feedback from the players is always appreciated.
The Trial will be completed in the next update.

Against the final boss don't skip the intro cinematic or the battle music won't play.
The final Boss has been made impossible to beat, without taking advantage of the various battle equipment.
Each type of battle equipment will halve a certain elemental damage.
The endgame areas (optional) are very complicated, not because the enemies are strong but because they will be able to take advantage of various new abilities that are dangerous for your characters, so it is recommended to buy a lot of items.
This mod is intended to encourage exploration of the various game areas.
In fact, most of the new spells and abilities will be found in chests scattered throughout Ivalice.
If you have downloaded the various ''Beta'' versions of Path to Greatness is recommend starting a new game if you intend to download version 1.0.
This is because some new changes and bug fixes will only take effect if you start the story from the beginning.

-The game has been completely changed from 0.It would take weeks to write all the changes, and since nobody reads the readme.
Here is a summary of the changes.

-Changes from FF XII

-Modified monsters in each play area, New weapons.
-New protections, New accessories,
-New balance of characters and enemies, New classes to use in battle.
-New development and use of characters in battle, New spells. 
-New Techniques, New bosses to face in battle.
-New AI for enemies and bosses, New soundtrack.
-New Esper, New Licenses.
-New bonuses, New clan and hunt rewards.
-New loots, New Bazaars.
-New Treasure, Modified Guest.

-Improvements made to the Winds of Change mod.

-Fixed glitches of various in-game boss cutscenes.
-Fixed all problems with Hunt.
-Fixed the glitch of the various guests in the various game cutscenes.
-Better balance the classes and characters.
-Fixed some problems with spells.
-The mod is now more faithful to the original game.

-Explanations of the various uses of the classes and the new equipment and magic.

-Added two exclusive accessories for each class, so each class will have its own special ability.
-Changed all accessories to accommodate the new class development.
-Added new special abilities, usable only by certain classes.

-The Bare Hands have been enhanced
-The swords will depend on the character's speed parameter and some will inflict Slow or Disease and will use a new animation.
-The Greatswords will depend on the speed parameter of the character and some of them will have an elemental effect added and they will use a new animation.
-Katanas have been made faster and will inflict altered states like Blind and Poison, plus they will have a new animation
-Ninja Swords will deal damage based on the enemy's magical defense and have added elemental effects.
-Spears are now focused on character magic
-Poles will now deal random damage and have a new attack animation.
-The Bows have suffered an attack boost and will now depend on the character's strength.
-Crossbows will now deal magic damage and combo but will be slower.
-Guns have been reduced in power, but will now have a faster attack, and they will inflicts many altered status.
-Axes will now depend on the character's strength and will no longer deal random damage.
-Hammers will now deal non-random magic damage and have a new animation.
-Daggers will now be able to critically strike and have a new animation.
-Rods will be more defensive weapons and have a new animation
-Staffs are now offensive type weapons and will have a new animation.
-Maces will now depend on the strength of the character
-Measures will now deal more damage and many altered states.
-Hand-Bombs now depend on the strength of the character and will be available many earlier in the game, found in the various chests.

-Protections with new uses.
-Light Protections: Excellent HP and will increase all paramaters slightly, halve Earth or Wind element and immunize from Sleep.
-Heavy Protections: Excellent defense and strength, will also increase the vitality parameter, halve the Holy and Dark element and immunize from disease.
-Magic Protections: Excellent magical defense and MP, will greatly increase the magical power of the character, halve the elements of fire, lightining and ice and immunize from sap.
-Shields: Balanced their dexterity and will give new bonuses.


-Holy Knight:
Knight who has devoted his life to prayer.
Use Spear\Shields+Mystic Armor
Speciality(Great defense and magic, uses white magic for powerful single heals and uses protect and shell to defend itself)

Ninja who parry and quickly hits the enemy.
Use Katana\Ninja Sword+Mystic Armor
Specialty(He can dodge attacks and inflict altered states or elemental attack)

-War Monk:
Wizard who learned the art of fighting.
Use Crossbow\Maces\Shields+Mystic Armor
Specialty(He uses magic up to level 3 spells best and can keep himself safe by striking from a distance.)

Alchemist expert in create drinks.
Use Measures\Hand-bombs+Mystic Armor
Specialty(Use techniques to create infusions for use in battle at the cost of a few MP.)

Guardian who protects the weakest.
Use Greatpoles\Shields+Heavy Armor
Specialty(Exceptional defense and vital parameters)

Master in the art of melee.
Attacks the enemy with bare-hands and Knuckles 
Specialty(He can immunize himself from the blind and hit the target with a 4+ combo)

Warrior who has no weaknesses.
Use Bows\Axes\Shields+Heavy Armor
Specialty(Powerful both from near and far, his abilities increase in effectiveness based on his remainent HP.)

Priest who uses his spiritual strength to strike the enemy.
Use Rods\Hammers+Heavy Armor
Specialty(Halve the elemental damage taken from dark and holy, perfect balance between magical and physical damage.

Thief that with his speed stealing valuable items.
Use Daggers+Light Armor
Specialty(Quickly learns skills, blazing fast on attack and can deliver powerful critical hits.)


Hunter expert that hitting enemies by surprise.
Use Blades\Guns+Light Armor
Specialty(It never misses its target and can use powerful magic and inflicts many altered status to enemies.)

Fighter who counterattacks the enemy
Use Blades\Greatblades+Light Armor
Specialty(Quick and deadly, it can counterattack the enemy hits.)

Useful soldier in any situation.
Use Daggers\Crossbows\Staves+All Armor
Specialty(He can use all equipment and a wide range of weapons.)

-New Magic:
CT=Charge Time

-Sacred Magic-CT 32: They heal allies, activate positive statuses, and can even deal damage to enemies.
-Spell Magic-CT 27: Very powerful and deadly, they exploit the 7 elements to hit enemies and inflict altered status.
-Chrono Magic- CT 23: They have different effects when used on an enemy or an ally.
-Special Magic-CT 23: They can reverse the outcome of the battle if used correctly.
-Forbidden Magic-CT 29: They curse the enemy
-Abilities-CT Variable: The most have been changed.

Thanks to the following people.
Raiden and Vaanskypirate for their instruments.
ffgriever for Vortex support.
Xeavin for helping me delete unnecessary files and making the mod lighter.
The music is not mine and it was taken from other games and mixed (Deep Mix).