Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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This is an extensive and broad mod focusing on bringing new content under FFXII's gameplay mechanics.
This release is of the demo rtl 2.0 build; version compatible with Vortex.

Permissions and credits
Final rtl updated released—Discontinued

  • Steiner and Freya written off.

Stat Changes
  • Both Terra and Rydia are high magic users, however, with Terra, she is more versatile in physical combat versus Rydia, so her Strength has a higher growth rate in comparison to Rydia, who's not suited for physical combat.
  • Terra's Stats are increased significantly in Selective Jobs with her Trance skin.
Vitality is determined by character perception and is the rate of resistance from negative status effects and the length of status effects.

  • Crono has the highest resistance and receptivity.
  • Nyx has the second highest resistance and receptivity.
  • Johnny has the third highest resistance and receptivity.
  • Terra has the second lowest resistance and receptivity.
  • Rydia is the lowest resistance and receptivity.
Speed is also determined by character perception.
  • Nyx is the fastest.
  • Johnny is the second fastest.
  • Crono is the third fastest.
  • Rydia is the second slowest.

This extensive and broad mod focuses on bringing new content under FFXII's gameplay mechanics.
Though TZE has had many up and downtimes, it has managed to sustain substantial progress since its initial build.
The Zodiac Era has its own ending and alternate endings to its own plot. Allusions may vary.

In addition to obvious gameplay alterations, its primary focus is providing new HQ 3D models and weapons, new locations to explore, new abilities, foes, concepts and to really push the game past its original limits.

Tier Skills & Seethe Commands
TZE introduces two new gameplay features, Tier Skills and Seethe. Tier Skills are advance command abilities of technicks in The Zodiac Era. Although not displayed, some Tier Skills do cost MP and their MP use are affected by the Channeling augment.
Seethe commands are advance command abilities of Mist Charges, dealing more damage than originally and new animations. Unlike Mist Charges, Guest characters wield three (3) Seethe commands as well as their main-character counterparts.

TZE's gameplay structure around the license board are divided into two modes:

Main Game and Selective Jobs
In Main Game, character's are permanently set to their own job class, weapons, armors, and abilities not selectable or changeable by the player. The license boards in the Main Game offer only Augments and relative Gambit/Summon tiles to the player's arsenal. The Jobs available show which job corresponds to the appropriate character based on their character stat development and are balanced for them.
The Impotent job only offers the basic license tiles necessities to proceed through the game's original event and story progression alone and is designed as a challenging element specifically for Main Game mode.
In Selective Jobs mode, character's are once again free to choose their choice of jobs from any of the six available jobs in TZE. Among them are:

  • Bushido
  • Kingsglaive
  • Dragoon
  • Paladin
  • Magitek Elite
  • Summoner

While the player now has the ability to freely chose any job to any character between the six, the boards were still created on the basis of the canon job roles from the Main Game, and are still balanced to that character's stat development. RTL releases have a second board job option, while DCL releases do not and enemies give relatively less EXP and AP (TP in dcl releases).
Impotent Jobs are still present in this as a challenging element as well.