Foreign Lands version 2.3

The latest version of Final Fantasy XII: Foreign Lands brings reworked sets of actions for enemies to take in battle along with a few additional fixes.


Up till now, there was an issue with the positioning of some maces through the mace licenses including Bell of Byblos which was unintentionally unequippable.
- Maces 4 now contains the Licenses for Grand Mace and Bonebreaker, exclusive to the Oni Warrior. Both of these were intended for Oni Warrior from the get-go.
- Maces 5 now contains Zeus Mace and Bell of Byblos.
Note: With the recent inclusion of the powerful Earthquake Spell, many would appreciate being able to equip the Earth Enhancing Bell of Byblos on their Geomancers. This is finally corrected.


Black Mask and White Mask
- Black Mask now makes the wearer weak to Wind, Water, and Earth.
- White Mask now makes the wearer weak to Fire, Ice, and Lightning.
Note: Changes to Black Robes and White Robes added weaknesses that could be eliminated by equipping the White and Black Masks. Now, doing so will not eliminate the concept of having elemental weaknesses, and also makes these masks more strategic.

Fun Fact: The weaknesses were chosen based on the elemental spells in Final Fantasy XIV. The Black Mask is weak to the elements used by Conjurer and White Mage while the White Mask is weak to the elements used by Thaumaturge and Black Mage.


Holy, Earthquake, and Shadowflare
- Spell Power has increased from 120 to 130.
Note: These 'Ultimate' Spells should feel a little more 'Ultimate.'

- Spell Power has increased from 100 to 110.
- MP Cost has increased from 32 to 40.
Note: Now Stonega matches the other elemental spells.


- LP has been lowered from 90 to 20 (For real this time...)
Note: When the last update launched, the change intended for Brawler didn't save properly, creating an expensive choke point on the Monk's board blocking off many essential early licenses. This was NOT intended.

It may be an insignificant issue in the grand scheme of things, but I feel particularly embarrassed about this one and am truly sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. 


There are far too many changes to go over every enemy, but here is an overview of the changes.

- Scathe has been made into an enemy exclusive Spell available to several late game foes.

- Piercing Waterga and Piercing Aeroga have been added.
- Piercing spells are not only stronger than traditional -ga spells, but are also AoE. Many enemies later in the game will cast these spells instead of their normal variations, and they all pierce through Reflect.

- Many 'friendly' enemies (ones with green HP bars) have been given some particularly nasty tools for the areas they're in. Beware if you decide to show aggression against creatures that would otherwise leave you unharmed.
- 1000 Needles has returned, not only for the Flowering Cactoid, but for all Cactoids.
- Many Rabbits and Hares have Bunny Slam, a particularly potent attack.
- All Cocobos can cast Choco-Comet.

- A bug with Mimic Queen doing 0 damage with basic attacks has been fixed.

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