Faster Than Light

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This mod is 5 starships from the Future Armada series, produced by Ryan Wolfe at O-Hour Art & Technology

When appropriate, I attempted to keep with the original design theme by Ryan in so far as the ships purpose, and make them each unique without seriously altering game balance.

Permissions and credits
Inside this mod you'll find five of the Future armada starships, (The exteriors of these ships were created by Ryan Wolfe at O-Hour Art & Technology

Each of these ships have been designed with specific roles/play styles in mind, there are:

The Cygnus:
A science and research vessel with improved sensors, increased hull durability (10 points more) and electronic warfare capability.

The Drake
A heavy drone ship with an artillery beam and drone recovery augmentation.

The Gryphon
A multi role vessel with slightly improved hull (5 more points) repair drones and nano medical enhancement.

The Kintaro
A super fast yacht with vastly improved engines and ftl capability as well as an enlarged medbay, but at the cost of reduced hull durability (5 less points) and a limited amount of weapon and drone slots. (2 of each)

The Lakota Dove
A boarding specialists ship with bomb deployers, a clone bay and regenerative teleporters.

The ships are designed to be used on the normal or hard difficulty, or with DrkTemplar's infinite space mod

If this mod becomes popular I will release an update with more ships from the Future Armada series at a later date.