Faster Than Light

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Planet and Background replacer and lots of new ones. use version 1.2.2 to only have 3 hubble backgrounds, use version 1.3.2 to have 62 new HUBBLE backgrounds

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Since 2012 on but might as well have it on nexus....

Replaces all Planets and Background images, and adds a lot more.

which version should you use?

1.2.2 includes only 3 hubble images the rest is made by me.
1.3.2 is the same as version 1.2.2 with 62 additional hubble images,
that may be very color intense. In version 1.3.1 i made a lot of changes
to hubble backgrounds, so you may not need your sunglasses anymore... ;P
credits: NASA

requires Slipstream Mod Manager

If you want to use it with Captain's Edition 1.2(+) you need a compatibility patch !!!

Captain's Edition forums
Captain's Edition @reddit
download "CE BPaB Compatability Patch 1.0" from the ftl forums or reddit and activate those mods fallowing this load order:

|Any non-ship not-CE-related mods you are using
|Better Planets and Backgrounds
|FTL Captain's Edition
|CE BPaB Compatibility Patch
|CE Additional Music Addon
|CE Infinite Addon
|CE Endless Loot Addon
|CE Non-EL Enemy Loadouts Addon
|CE Vanilla Player Ship Loadouts Addon
VAny ship mods you are using

change log

v 1.3.2 and 1.2.2
- new sun
- new pulsar
- 6 new backgrounds
- 4 new planets
- 2 new gas giants
- changed 1 background

v 1.3.1
- 7 new planets
- 4 new backgrounds
- lots of changes on mostly hubble nebulas, colors, contrast etc...
v 1.3
-62 new HUBBLE backgrounds

v 1.2.1
- 7 new planets
- 4 new backgrounds
- few changes on nebulas, colors, contrast etc...

v 1.2

-17 new backgrounds
-7 new planets