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This mod is built upon FTL Supremacy. It replaces the FTL- Federation ships with Starfleet vessels from Star Trek and also adds weapons and sounds from the Star Trek Universe.

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Hello there,

I created this mod because I wanted to play FTL with Star Trek stuff, but had to find out that all the Star Trek mods that existed are gone. So I started with this project some Weeks ago by replacing FTL federation ships with Star Trek federation ships.
With my growing modding-knowledge also my own standards grew. So I ended up also adding custom weapon-effects and to include proper Trek sounds. Be aware that there are no custom Events at this point and I'm not sure if I will add some at all.
Simply imagine that you are in a parallel universe in which the Star Trek Federation is the FTL-Federation ;-).

Included Ships:

Kestrel A -> Constitution Class
Kestrel B -> Excelsior Class
Kestrel C -> Ambassador Class prototype

Federation Cruiser A -> Akira Class
Federation Cruiser B -> Galaxy Class
Federation Cruiser C -> Sovereign Class

Stealth Cruiser A -> Defiant Class
Stealth Cruiser B -> Intrepid Class
Stealth Cruiser C -> Prometheus Class

The ships were created with Superluminal. Each ship has its own ftl-file because I did not found out how to merge them together into a single file.

Because I played FTL:SUPREMACY by ApexMods when I started with this Project it is subsequently based upon it and you need to load FTL:SUPREMACY prior to my mod.

I tried to balance my mod according to FTL Supremacy but this balancing should be considered unfinished as well as the project itself.

Nevertheless, I hope you have fun with it :-)

Simply place all files into your mod directory and install them with SlipstreamModManager. As long as you load my mod files after FTL:SUPREMACY their load order should not be relevant.


Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, please visit this site.

All of my original work in this mod may be used in new mods for the original FTL game, provided that the new mod is also noncommercial, made available as a freely accessible download on the internet.